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Writing update #13

So, I've been in kind of a slump recently and have only pumped out about 7k words over the past 4 days. I'm still a little bit under 60k words and two scenes into chapter 16. I've made a few plans for other novels and have been catching up life around me. I've also made some plans for a few new writing resources blog posts which I'll try and get done before the weekend. Though, work has been a bit rough over the past week to top everything off so my mind is kind of meh right now. I need to get back on track and pound out a few chapters. I should have a chance on Thursday since it's an exam day, and I have to sit at work while doing nothing. It should be productive for writing as long as I can make enough coffee lol.

Anyway, I decided to go back to an earlier chapter since I haven't moved very far since my last post. This is chapter 4 where the three main POVs begin to intertwine in alternating scenes. If anyone has any comments about this style, let me know.

Here are the previous chapters:

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Chapter 4 (Rotting in jail)

            On his second day in jail, John paced about the cramped cell, wondering what excuse he would tell Kocho-sensei when he returned to work.
            The thought of work sent his mind racing about the possibility that he may never return to his normal life again. His mind jumbled, and Ami’s attempts to kiss the side of his head came to the forefront. He remembered how close she had come to actually kissing him, and her arousing, minty breath.
            John shook off his desires and focused. It’s not like she can get me out of here now.
            “Would you want her to?” the gravelly voice in the back of his head asked.
            Despite the fact that it had been talking to him for two days now, John still shivered upon hearing it. He had clearly snapped under the pressure … just like his cellphone. Of course, I would. Why would you even ask that?
            “Because of how she acted when you mentioned Hyuga. She knows something.”
            No she doesn’t.
            “Then why did she run out like that? Trembling?”
            John scratched his chin, not wanting to admit the voice was right. She was probably just excited to have a lead and will work hard to free me.
            “You can keep telling yourself that … .”
            Just shut up. There is no way that my friends could have known about Hyuga or stopped me from getting involved in this mess.
            “Unless they knew you were a Chef and never warned you.”
            They wouldn’t do that.
            “How do you know?”
            I just do. I trust them.
            “They why don’t you just —”
            With a rattling clang, the cell door crashed open.
            John shook himself from his thoughts and looked up.
            Taisei stood there and motioned for John, to follow him.
            After pushing the dark voice back into the recesses of his mind — turning it into a low murmur — John walked out of the cell and into one of the interrogation rooms. He sat across the table from Taisei. “So?”
            Taisei coughed into his fist and wouldn’t meet John’s gaze. “Well —” He licked his lips. “— I’m not going to lie.”
            John swallowed.
            “They have you on tape,” Taisei said, “appearing as if you are scouting the securities firm to rob it.”
            That’s because I was. “Does it look that condemning?”
            Before interlacing his fingers, Taisei nodded. “Yes … and the prosecution will try to use it to beat a confession out of you.”
            “What about the help that Ami and Keisuke said their company would provide?”
            Taisei shook his head.
            “Fuck.” John felt himself resenting the world itself for taking away his peaceful life. He killed the feeling, though the dark voice seemed to pulse with strength afterwards. His life … was over.


            Ami clenched her fists while she stood in Moe’s office. “Why?”
            Moe shuffled the paperwork on her desk before looking between Ami and Keisuke. “Because he is not our problem anymore.”
            Growling, Ami stomped forward and slammed her fists against Moe’s desk. “Not our problem? Not our problem? He is a Chef! What do you mean; he is not our problem anymore?”
            “Exactly as it sounds.” Moe locked eyes with Ami. “Now … are you going to whine all day or are you going to do as I have told you to do?”
            “Please … .”
            Moe narrowed her eyes.
            Tears rolled down Ami’s cheeks. “Could you not just —”
            While tapping his foot, Keisuke placed a hand on Ami’s shoulder. “Ami’s right, Moe. John is a Chef. We —”
            After groaning, Moe squeezed the bridge of her nose. “Not you too.”
            Keisuke smirked. He was clearly ogling her with his eyes. “Just hear me out.”
            “Okay … .”
            “As the organization that represents Chefs in Japan and with the Japanese government, we have an obligation to help John.”
            Moe arched an eyebrow. “Oh really?”
            “I mean, we should at least give him legal help.”
            Ami growled.
            With his finger, Keisuke shushed Ami. “I’m not suggesting that we break him out of jail, but I do believe that we should send him a lawyer.”
            The bounce returned to Ami’s step, and she found herself bobbing her head. “That’s right.”
            “What good would it do?” Moe stood and turned away from them, facing towards the large window in her office. “The evidence is overwhelmingly against him.”
            Ami licked her lips. “If we can catch Hyuga —”
            With her hands on her hips, Moe spun back around. “Then, I will have our legal team create a case … though, I will not turn over Hyuga even if it could save John.”
            “What?” Heat flushed Ami’s face. “Why? He’s a criminal! The police should deal with him, and John should be free!”
            “Enough!” Moe stomped her foot. “I will not take any more of your lip!”
            “Fuck you! You ungrateful bitch! For everything that we have d—”
            Keisuke jerked Ami backwards by her shoulders and pulled her towards the door.
            “Let me go!” Ami shrugged free. For my love. “I am going to teach this old hag the meaning of respect!”
            “No.” After taking Ami by the wrist, Keisuke marched out of Moe’s office. “We will find Hyuga.”
            Ami kicked the door closed and screamed. Her muscles drew taught, and her skin flushed with rage. When I sit in her seat, she will regret ever crossing me. She trembled and stomped her feet, waiting for Keisuke to release her. If Moe decided not to help, then Ami would break John out of jail and take him away so that they could live a happy and peaceful life together.


            After swallowing, John ground his foot into the cold, courtroom floor. There has to be a way out of this.
            “You know there’s not,” the dark voice said.
            John looked up at the judge. “So … what are my options?”
            The overweight judge in faded black robes glanced from the dorky-looking prosecutor to the flat-screen TV where the security camera footage looped. “Besides your accomplice — what did you say his name was? — Hyuga the evidence against you seems to be beyond overwhelming.” He nodded towards the prosecutor who wore horn-rimmed glasses.
            With his chest heaving, John gasped. The world began to close in around him. Why was this happening?
            The short prosecutor stepped forward and opened his arms as if to hug the air. “Without having any information that will lead us to Hyuga, Mr John has one of two choices.” The dorky bastard glanced back at John and smirked. “He can either fight this, lose and go to jail for a long, long time. I am recommending sixty years for the amount of gold stolen.”
            John’s heart thumped and fell into his stomach. With his eyes watering, he covered his mouth. Impossible … .
            The dark voice laughed.
            With tears blurring his vision, John gritted his teeth. Shut up!
            The prosecutor’s smirk turned into an open-mouthed chuckle. “Or … . Well … his other option is to confess, plead guilty, tell us where the gold is and only spend twenty years in jail.”
            Snot blocked John’s nose while the tears rolled into his mouth. The salty taste of grief reminded him of Taisei’s resignation. Ami promised to help … .
            “But Taisei said she couldn’t.” The dark voice made a smacking noise.
            So … all I can do is confess?
            “Of course not. Fight it! Eat some potatoes and slip out of the courtroom as they find it hard to follow you. Remember what that bastard Hyuga taught us.”
            The mention of Hyuga set John off. He screamed. “Fuck you little man! I will fight this! I will be free.”
            The judge pounded his gavel. “What do you think you are doing, foreigner?”
            “I don’t know. How about you, bigot?”
            Snarling, the judge’s face turned maroon. “Get this fool out of my courtroom!”
            “Ha!” John pushed the first, fat police officer to approach him. “Don’t touch me, racist pigs!” He struggled and fought until something solid struck him in the back of the head.
            Everything went black.


            Keisuke waggled his finger at Ami. “Calm down.” You monster.
            Ami stomped as she paced across the reception office. Haru, Moe’s secretary, watched Ami with a smile on her face. The lemony-scented air-freshener gave each breath a sour taste.
            After scrubbing his tongue across his teeth, Keisuke — against his better judgment — stepped in front of Ami. “We’ll find a way to get John out.”
            Hesitantly, Ami nodded.
            Haru slid across the carpet and poked Keisuke in the chest. “Did you just say John? As in the really cute foreign guy with the big —”
            Ami screamed like the feral monster she was. “If you ever touch John again —”
            “What’s it to you?” Haru slapped Ami’s hand away. “He doesn’t belong to you … and if my memory serves me right, he’s single.”
            “He’s mine!”
            “Keep your filthy, rapist hands off of him.”
            Haru rolled her eyes and turned towards Keisuke. “So, what can I do to help him?”
            When he heard the tone in her voice, Keisuke blinked. “Can you get me a warrant?” She actually sounds concerned about John.
            “Give me a moment.” Haru returned to her desk and began typing something on her computer.
            Ami hissed. “You are not going to accept her help, are you?”
            “For John, I’ll accept any help I can get.” Keisuke nodded towards the door. “If you truly want to see him free, you would too.”
            Through gritted teeth, Ami hissed again. “I … guess you are right.”
            She is still pissed that someone else got to sleep with John while she didn’t even think about doing something like that. Keisuke tried not to smirk. “Go wait in my car. Calm yourself down before we have to deal with the securities firm.”
            “I’ll head down as soon as I get the —”
            “I have it!” Haru skipped from around the desk and handed the warrant to Keisuke. “I hope this is enough my sweet, sweet John.”
            Ami bared her teeth and clenched her fists.
            Not good.
            “If you see him before I have a chance to visit him in jail, tell him that I send my lov—”
            After charging forward, Ami swung.
            Haru ducked under the wild swing and laughed. “You know he will choose me over you any day.”
            “Shut your face!” Ami cocked her fist back and planted her feet.
            “Besides my body —” Haru squeezed her oversized breasts together. “— being sexier than yours and my face much cuter, I am his intellectual match. And when we fuck? Fire. … While you —”
            Ami sprang towards Haru.
            Keisuke grabbed Ami by the waist and stopped her in her tracks.
            “— are,” Haru said in a sultry voice, “a tactless gorilla.”
            Ami thrashed about. She yelled at Haru while flailing on Keisuke’s arms.
            “Thanks for the warrant.” Keisuke dragged Ami out of the room, ignoring he calls for blood.


            John sprang to his feet, disoriented. His head swam, spinning about. Where am I?
            Something gray blurred around him. A cacophony of grunts followed by a smack, smack, smack sound. The acrid stink of piss and shit could be tasted in the air.
            After swallowing, John threw-up all over his feet.
            The dark voice — or Darkness as John had named it — laughed. “I guess we have returned to our holding cell.”
            I see … . John wiped his mouth. Despite that, the slimy, acid-like residue pulled at his stomach. It twisted into knots, and he vomited again.
            “What’s wrong with the poor, baby foreigner?” a deep voice asked from somewhere nearby.
            “Fuck you!” While his chest heaved, John gritted his teeth. He rubbed at his eyes, to clear his vision, but ended up getting stomach-acid in them. He screamed.
            Something slammed into his side, and a pop echoed throughout the cell.
            John fell to his knees.
            Splat. The warm vomit soaked into his pants.
            When something else crashed into his back, John found himself rolling in his own puke. I’m going to kill every one of them.
            “That’s the spirit,” Darkness said.
            John growled and pushed himself up to his feet. With one swift motion, he threw his shirt off and grabbed the man closest to him. “I’m going to teach you some respect.” He kicked out to the side.
            Snap! The bone crunching sound preceded a high-pitched scream.
            After ripping the man’s shirt off, John cleaned his eyes and blinked until he could see clearly again. “First —” He glared at the writhing man on the ground. “— you … .”
            The man yelped.
            John stomped the back of his head, bouncing his head off of the hard, concrete floor like a nearly flat basketball.
            The man’s body went limp.
            The other prisoners in the cell gasped, each taking a step backwards.
            John charged forward. At the last moment, he spun to the left and punched the hawk-nosed prisoner in his mouth. John howled through clenched teeth. His muscles trembled.
            In a flash, the tension flowed from his body in a flurry of fists.
            “This is wonderful!” Darkness squealed in glee.
            Blood filled the air and covered the floor beneath the slumping, hawk-nosed prisoner.
            John growled turning to look at the other prisoners.
            There were five left in this community cell. They all cowered in the far corner.
            With his blood reaching a boiling point, John made a running leap into the pile of prisoners. He crashed feet first into one, sending his face smashing against the prison bars.
            “Yes! More! More! More!” Darkness grew, extending out like a net as if wrapping its hands around John’s mind. “Rend! Rip! Destroy! Kill! Prepare yourself for the revenge we’ll get one day!”
            John caught the two closest prisoners in the throat, and they fell to the floor gasping for air.
            Clinking noises turned John to see the prison door opening. Four officers filed into the cell, led by the bigot.
            While his teeth chattered in anticipation, John jerked one of the gasping men to his feet by his hair. “Look.” He nodded to the police officers. “Your saviors have arrived … moments too late.” With his free hand, he grabbed the man’s chin and began to twist his neck.
            Darkness cackled. “This is … the best!”
            The police officers charged forward.
            Without hesitation, John dropped the prisoner and slid to the side. He ducked and grabbed the bigot’s left ankle. “I’ve been waiting a long time to do this.”
            “What?” The bigot’s eyes bulged when his feet left the ground.
            John lifted the bigot and slammed his own foot into his own face.
            A resonating snap sent a tingle of joy down John’s spine.
            The bigot screamed.
            After twisting the leg so that it snapped in several more places, John stomped on the bigot’s chest. He lifted his foot. “Now it’s time —”
            A jolt of energy shot through John’s body.
            His teeth clenched shut. The hair on his arms and the back of his neck stood on end. Twitching, he fell face first and wished that he had blacked out. The muscle jerking agony jumbled his thoughts, silencing Darkness.
            The remaining police officers lifted John up and dragged him from the cell.
            John groaned. Or at least he thought he did.

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