Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Goo stories #20

            When I finally found Cody, I was panting. Each labored breath pressed at my chest and felt like a fire burned in my lungs.
            Along with a pair of female dogs and an elderly cat, Cody sipped on a cold-looking drink. I repressed the urge to ask for one myself, though I sorely needed one. The smell of meat wafted from the stall behind Cody and his new friends. Click click click clang. Someone was in the back cooking. My stomach grumbled.
            A hint of roasting fish rolled into my nose, and I snapped back to reality. "Uncle Cody!"
            When he met my gaze, Cody arched an eyebrow. "What is it, Nephew?"
            "It's Ren ... ."
            Cody narrowed his eyes.
            "He's been arrested." I gritted my teeth, trying to belie how worried I was.
            "Ha!" Cody shook his head. "A night in jail will do that fool some good."
            After sighing, my muscles relaxed. "Only a night?"
            "Well ... that actually depends on what he did."
            "He tried to steal a toy from a vendor."
            Cody's companions gasped.
            My brow furrowed while I scanned their faces. "What is it?"
            The elderly cat swallowed. "The penalty for theft here is ... death."
            Cody cursed. I ground my paw in the dirt. My heart pounded out of control. I was sure that everyone could hear it.
            The elderly cat patted me on the shoulder. "I'm sorry for your loss."
            Cody stood. "He's not dead yet."
            The elderly cat shook his head. "Cody ... you can't possibly mean to attempt a jail break ... ."
            Cody grinned. "Of course not, Mr Mayor." He motioned for me, to follow, and we moved towards the towering building at the center of the town.
            Luckily for Ren, that was exactly, what Cody had planned. With a quick burst of dog magic, we leaped into the building and rushed towards the cells. Ren cursed up a storm and made it easy to find him. We were fortunate that he only had one guard.
            I slid across the floor and kicked out with my hind legs. "Now!"
            The large dog guarding Ren stumbled forward. His eyes bulged when they met mine.
            My back began to tingle.
            Clearly intending to bark out an alarm, the large dog opened his mouth.
            Cody released a wave of energy and caught the large dog in the face. "Turkey face!"
            I couldn't repress the sigh. Dogs ... .
            The large dog rolled backwards and crashed against Ren's cell. Clang. Thud. Unmoving, the large dog lay flat on the ground.
            Using my claws, I fumbled at the lock. Still no good at this. Snap. Click. I screamed out in pain. My middle claw fell to the floor while I reeled backwards in pure agony.
            Cody chuckled. "Allow me." He stepped up the cell.
            My back began to tingle.
            "You may want to step back, Ren." Cody placed his paw to the lock.
            Before Ren could respond, the lock exploded and filled the area with a gray dust that tasted like old coins.
            I coughed. "Let's get out of here!"

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