Sunday, November 3, 2013

Goo stories 18

            I peeked out of an alley and reached for my bag of toys on instinct alone. I cringed. We can't fight The Monster like this.
            The small, intermixed community sprawled out just beyond the shadows. Unlike most all animal communities, the buildings and residences were well constructed. It almost looked as if a human had built them. Just beyond earshot, I could hear the cackling sounds of merchants hocking their wares.
            Is that meat I smell? After shaking off my desires, I turned back to the group. "We need to get our paws on some new toys."
            Ren stood on his hind legs and patted at his fur. "I didn't think we would need money on this errand."
            I groaned.
            While Cody sniffed at the air, he shook his head. "I spent the last of my money for this month, on a turkey."
            Dogs truly don't care what they hump-- I bit off the racist thought before it came to words. "Then what should we do?" Mom always buys my toys, so I don't have a single yen.
            Cody shrugged. "Maybe someone would let us borrow some of their toys."
            "Barking dogs!" Hissing, Ren pushed past Cody. "Unlike your magic, ours destroys the toy."
            "Oh." Cody brushed his tongue across his teeth.
            There has to be a way. After rubbing my paw on the hard concrete, I followed Ren into the town.

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