Sunday, November 17, 2013

Goo stories #26

            I hissed.
            The monster charged forward. Vroom!
            Purple energy encased my body, and I locked eyes with the monster. I can't maintain burning fish like this for very long.
            The monster slowed, clearly hesitating.
            I released a torrent of energy. Blast after blast before switching to a second bouncy ball toy. I leaped into the air above the monster. After switching back to the squirrel, I fired another energy bolt into the back of The Monster's neck.
            The Monster flailed about.
            "Didn't like that, did you?" I hope he's not too hurt. While trying to shake the sympathy from my thoughts, I once again took hold of the bouncy ball and picked up Ren when I landed beside him. With one more hop, I placed him at the entrance beside Cody.
            The Monster drove around in circles, its feet kicking dust up into the air. Round and round it went. Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! It slid while it straightened out and came straight for me.
            I touched the squirrel, but I honestly didn't want to kill The Monster--just return the favor by knocking it out. It would also make taking the Ancient Tanuki much easier. "I don't blame you for being scary!" I grabbed a hold of a super bouncy ball--a rare find--instead.
            The Monster growled.
            Near-pink, purple energy curled around my body. It wrapped around itself and expanded. Once it matched the size of The Monster, I sprang forward, screaming from the strain.

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