Monday, November 18, 2013

Goo stories #27

            The jarring impact sent ripples through my insides. I wanted to puke. Is ... this ... why ... Mom ... always ... refused to get ... me one ... of these?
            The energy flowed from my body and slammed into The Monster. I landed where we had just met. As if in slow motion, The Monster lifted off of the ground. It rose into the air. In the blink of an eye, it slammed into the far wall. Clank! Thud! Zing!
            I stood. With wobbly knees, I stepped forward. "I won?"
            The Monster didn't move a shiny, metal-like muscle.
            "I won!" While I approached the dangerous, Ancient Tanuki toy, everything began to shake. My unsteady legs gave way, and I fell flat on my face. "Not this again!"
            A large chunk of glass dropped from the ceiling and shattered against the floor. Crack! A jagged fracture zipped across the floor. Rumble! The vibrations itched at my feet. Clank!
            After scanning the cavern, I bit into my lip. "Friends first." I squeezed the squirrel toy tight and ignited the fish inside my stomach.
            Energy filled the air around me. My chest heaved, but the amount of power rippling through my body made it impossible to breathe. Another fracture crossed the first, dividing the room my four. Crack! Crack! Crack! Chunks of glass-like rocks began to fall from the ceiling by the dozens.
            I screamed before releasing a stream of energy towards the entrance. I hope this doesn't make it worse.
            With a thwack, the energy bolt smashed through the labyrinth walls. The squirrel melted in my grip. Once the smoke had dissipated inside the massive hole I had created, daylight shined in from the field outside. Lucky. We had a way out. The violent tremors increased, and I found it hard to stand. Unlucky. We might not make it.
            Several, ragged inhalations later, I took hold of the squeaky toy. Two massive claws extended from my body and scooped up Ren and Cody. I--
            Crack! Crack!
            Clank! Clank!
            I swiveled my head around to see parts of the ceiling falling atop of The Monster. After swallowing, I made my decision. Mom raised me better than to leave someone to die. I flared the oven in my stomach, and a third claw reached out and wrapped around The Monster's waist.
            The Monster was a bit too big for the hole I had created, but I pulled him through anyways. The walls shattered around us. Each section fell just as we had made it through. My heart caught in my throat. By the time we had made it outside, the entire labyrinth had collapsed in on itself.
            My stomach turned. No ... . While tears formed in my eyes, I threw up all over the soft grass just outside the cave.

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