Thursday, November 21, 2013

Goo stories #29

            I licked my nose when concerned looks decorated every face around me, including The Monster's. My heart trembled. "I ... don't want Mom to ... die."
            Once the words left my mouth, I felt like I was going to choke. Fire ran down my throat. My vision blurred, and my jaw ached. Cody's paw rubbed at my back. Along with the soft pit-pat of Ren approaching, I could hear The Monster ease closer.
            "What can--" A smacking pain exploded in the left half of my face. My head jerked to the left.
            "Get a hold of yourself." Ren pulled his paw back and turned his back to me.
            After swallowing, I nodded.
            Cody narrowed his eyes. "Why don't we just storm Maru's base and rescue Sister-in-law?"
            The Monster honked.
            Ren shook his head. "That would be impossible unless we know the security codes to get in ... and even still, we would have a limited window to get to her before Maru knew what was going on."
            "What if we used the backdoor?" Cody shrugged.
            "Pointless unless--"
            "I know where it's located." I swallowed. "But The Monster couldn't fit."
            While a dark shadow covered Ren's face, he grinned. "Then I have an idea."
            I ignored the hate in Ren's voice. I waved for everyone, to come close. "I'm all ears."

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