Friday, November 15, 2013

Passed out photo stories #11

There are two things that Moe has loved since she was a child. Having fun and the beach. Though, her definition of, "having fun," has changed a bit since she got to college.

When summer vacation arrived, she and her friends rented a car and drove out to the beach in Zushi. They had packed drinks, food, drinks, music and more drinks. They sang and began to party on the ride up. With the thought of fun and a beach dancing in her mind, she found it hard not to fidget for the entire ride.

Moe leaped from the care once they arrived and stretched. It had been too long since the last time she had felt the warm sand piling up around her toes. She kicked about in the sand while her friends unloaded the car.

Her friends called for her to help, but she ignored them. With the beautiful sun above and the sound of crashing waves in the distance, the last thing she wanted to do was work.

After her friends erected a canopy, they broke out the drinks. Moe could get down for this. The kanpaied and began to down drink after drink.

A few trips into the water and a game of beach volleyball later, she was feeling a bit tired. She finished her drink and sat under the canopy with one of her friends.

Unfortunately, the friend was a bit pissed at Moe for not helping, so she ignored her.

Moe didn't care. She tore into drinks. Time flew by, and she felt her head spinning. Without a second thought, she lay to take a nap.

A cruel joke, revenge, left her lying like this with no way to get home.

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