Thursday, November 14, 2013

Goo stories #25

            Once the energy wrapped around my body, I bounced into the air. "I'll draw its attention!"
            Ren rushed forward, covered in black armor.
            The Monster roared. Vroom! Vroom vroom!
            Cody stood on his hind legs and held his front paws forward. "Easy."
            A sickening, gas-like stink blanketed the cavern. Once the light reflecting around the room dimmed, the Monster rolled forward. The slick ground shook against the violent motion, and the smooth vibrations sent a chill down my spine.
            After landing in front of The Monster, I shivered. "Here goes nothing!" I leaped into its face.
            Honk! Honk!
            I bounced off of his eye, hit the ceiling and slammed into its head again. "Don't make us hurt you!"
            Ren slid to a stop just before a massive claw grew from his side and grabbed The Monster by his round, circle-like, front leg. He hissed. "Now, dog!"
            "Uncle Cody!" I rebounded off of The Monster's face.
            From the entrance of the room, a violent hum reverberated through the air.
            Using the last of the bouncy ball's power, I redirected my weight and flew across the room. I felt the bouncy ball melt when I touched down.
            A humongous beam of gray energy slammed into The Monster. Kirik! Smoke filled the room.
            Ren laughed. "Good shot, Cod--"
            My teeth chattered. I reached out to my marbles and flared the oven in my stomach. I don't like this.
            I slid backwards and crashed into the wall.
            The Monster howled.
            Once the smoke cleared, I could see that it had knocked out Ren and Cody ... at least, I hope they were only knocked out.
            The Monster rolled forward, fury alight in its big, glassy eye.
            I guess it's up to me. The thought turned my blood to ice. "You'll pay for hurting my friends!" I reached out and took hold of the squirrel toy we had recovered.

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