Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Goo stories #24

            The glass-like cavern I walked into took my breath away. Wow! For a moment, I had forgotten why we had come.
            While partially passing through the walls, light reflected off of them. A low hum hung in the air and made me want to take a nap. Though, the burning gas smell brought me back to the situation at hand. At the center of the room, a golden pedestal stood alone. A pink field surrounded the pedestal and the toy that sat atop it. Shaped like a Tanuki, the toy was almost the same size as me.
            It called out to me. The Ancient Tanuki whispered in my ears. It wanted me to take it. To love it. To use its destructive power and rip the world in two.
            I shook off the invasive thoughts. "We have to be careful ... that toy ... ."
            With drool running down his chin, Ren licked his lips. "Imagine what we could accomplish with a toy like that." He stepped forward.
            Cody barked. "Imagine what I could do to that toy."
            With Cody's help, I restrained Ren. "No, Ren. We can't take that toy to use it."
            Ren hissed. After shaking his head, he seemed to find himself. "But ... ."
            "We have to use that toy to free Mom, and then destroy it before Maru has a chance to destroy it." I gathered my courage and walked towards the toy.
            I blinked.
            A squealing noise ripped through the distance. Dust filled the room. Click. Click. Clang. Crack. Vroom!
            I leaped backwards and reached out to my bag of toys. My back itched, and the smell of burning fish entered my nose. "... The Monster ... ."
            When the dust settled, The Monster spun its tires again. It growled.
            With my heart pounding in my ears, I found it hard to concentrate.
            The Monster was far scarier in person. How could it be so ... large?
            I burned the fish in my stomach.

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