Saturday, November 23, 2013

Passed out photo stories #12

Aihara has seen better days. After retiring, he had nothing but free time. Eventually, his wife got tired of him sitting around the house and drinking all day, so she put him out.

He didn't care. She was a pain in his ass anyway. All she ever did was complain.

Why don't you clean up after yourself?

Why don't you get a hobby?

Why don't you get a new job?

Why would he want to do any of that? He had worked so hard for so long when all she did was what? Sit around the house, clean up a little bit and watch TV? She was so ungrateful.

Once he left, Aihara made his way to the local grocery store. He picked up a carton of umeshu and a few boxes from the back before strolling down the street to find himself some peace and quiet for once in his life.

He set up his boxes outside of a store that didn't appear to be open on the weekends and went to work on his umeshu. He enjoyed feeding the cats and just drinking his fill.

By the time night had arrived, he felt woozy from the lack of food. Instead of standing to go to the store, Aihara decided to lie back and take a quick nap. He'd probably go back home tomorrow ... or the next day. The peace and quiet was hard to describe.

But in one word?


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