Friday, November 29, 2013

Passed out photo stories #13

Taka? What is he doing? With his Louis Vuitton bag and his son in a Power Rangers' mask, he clearly realized that he's a lightweight. ... And that his zipper is a more complicated device that he had realized.

His wife convinced him to bring the boy along for the Belgian Beer Festival, and it was good to have someone there to make sure he didn't do anything stupid. Taka was known for doing stupid things after drinking a few beers.



Bang! Bang! Boom!

The taiko drums pounded, and the festive dancers preformed on stage. Taka's son grew wide-eyed and began to bounce. They had gone to a festival before, but not one of this size. He tugged on Taka's hand when they passed a booth that sold character masks.

After sighing, Taka pulled out his wallet and spent 1,500 yen on the plastic piece of junk, but the smile on his son's face made it worth it.

Next up, they grabbed some yakitori, sausage and drinks—beer for Taka and ramune for his son. They took a seat in front of the stage, laughed, ate and continued to drink in the summer heat.

Feeling buzzed, Taka stood up and motioned for his son to come with him to the bathroom. The line was long, but unlike the girl's bathroom, it moved quickly. They stepped in together and that was when Taka found his zipper stuck.

How did this happen?

He tugged and tugged, but the zipper didn't budge. Was he pulling it down wrong?

A few minutes of trying later, Taka cursed and just unbuckled his pants, dropping them to the floor. He no longer cared what everyone thought, though the laugh that slipped through his son's lips irked him.

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