Saturday, November 2, 2013

Passed out photos #9

Yuuki never liked bars and izakayas. Instead, he was a man of the streets. A man of the people.

So after work, he stopped by 7-11 and grabbed a bagful of beers. With a pair of yakitori in hand, he strode outside and back towards the station.

After downing all but one beer in a matter of moments, he stumbled down the escalator. He bobbed his head and nursed his last beer, his first mistake in a long time.

A wave of dizziness hit him just outside the Seibu department store, and he stepped into a puddle.

Why was there no slippery when wet sign?

His beer flew from his fingertips and slammed into the side of an elderly cop's head. By the time the cop had turned, Yuuki's feet were already parallel with his chest. His breath caught in his throat.

The cop gasped.


While groaning, Yuuki writhed on the ground in pain. Needles of agony climbed from his butt to the back of his neck, but he forces himself to situp.

Why couldn't he feel his legs?

Why couldn't he see straight?

Oh yeah ... six beers and a fall. Oof.

With a stroke of luck, a kind young man beat the police officer to Yuuki and offered him a hand.

I hope you enjoyed the story,

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