Thursday, November 7, 2013

Goo stories #21

            While the tears rolled down my cheeks, I blinked the dust from my eyes. Someone was bound to have felt that.
            Ren glared at Cody after dusting himself off. Cody just rolled his eyes and refilled his power on the unconscious, large dog's face. Moments after my back began to tingle, I felt a heavy weight press in around me. Burning fish filled my nose.
            I trembled. "Uncle Cody, we should get out of here!"
            Before growling, Cody closed his eyes. Once he opened them again, he glanced about the prison. He pointed down the left corridor. "That way."
            My brow wrinkled. "What? You just refilled your power right?"
            Cody bared his teeth. "I did, but they have wrapped this building with a dog-cage and some type of cat-magic that will trap us if we try to teleport out."
            "Oh ... ."
            "I'm pretty sure this way leads out!" Cody ran off in the direction he indicated.
            Ren spat. "Pretty sure?"
            "My brother helped design this town." After glancing back at me and Ren, Cody shrugged. "I saw the blueprints for this building."
            "Ah." Ren sprang into a run.
            "Dad?" I licked my nose.
            "Yes ... ."
            Despite still being tired from the run earlier, I fell into line behind Cody and Ren. We moved from hall to hall and turned at random intervals. I wanted to ask more questions about my dad, but they could wait for later. Soon, my thoughts became preoccupied on the dizzying path we trudged through. I hoped Cody knew where we were going.
            I tripped over my own paws and rolled forward--thunk--crashing into a large shelf. Clatter! I groaned. "What ... ?"
            Ren slid to a stop and spun to face me. "Goo, yo--" He gasped. "--u genius."
            I shook my head.
            Ren rushed into the room and helped me stand.
            Cody guffawed when he joined us.
            Unsure of what I was seeing, I rubbed at my eyes. "Toys?"
            After nodding, Cody gestured to the mess I had created. "This must be where they keep criminals' confiscated toys."
            "No matter." Ren began collecting toys and stuffing them into a bag. "They are ours now."
            With thoughts ox saving Mom filling my head, I helped Ren gather every last toy in the room.

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