Monday, November 25, 2013

Writing resource #13

So, an awesome acquaintance, (And super, one-sided best friend lol) Brian Robertson suggested another addition to my ear test. I still use the ear test when going through an edit, to make sure it sounds right in my own voice, but often times, that won't get everything because you'll read it like you imagined it. Well, this is a semi solution.

Text to speech

There were some others that he had listed, but this is the best of them. You can only get about half a page per one short, and it's not perfect, but it helps a lot. I used it for the first chapter of my Nano while procrastinating and was blown away. Fixed several mistakes that even a critiquing partner and a few minor edits have missed.

My plan to use this in the future will be as such: First draft > Second draft with personal ear test > Text to speech review > Alpha read > Post-Alpha draft > Break from story > Beta draft > Text to speech review > Beta read > Final draft > Text to speech final review.

I think that will help pick up a lot of my mistakes and make the drafts much smoother on the readers.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I hope you find this resource useful!

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