Thursday, October 10, 2013

Writing update #6

Okay, today, I'll give you a look at the first draft of my base query letter for PAINTING WITH LIGHT AND SHADOW.

I'll try and add personalization to it once I get it right, though with a full time job, it's hard to go through and research every agent I'm going to query with this.

Reading a style manual now about how to write query letters. It will probably be my next writing resource (well maybe 2 from now as I think I'm going to mention query shark and agent query first)

I'm also done two parts away from finishing the Goo stories and rushing to catch up on my critiques before Nano hits me in the face! 

Anyway, here it is!


In modern day Japan, Zack Hadley finds himself possessed by a ghost after pissing on its grave. When he awakes the next day, he discovers that he has magical powers from two different sources. He befriends the ghost, and a few days later, a pair of mafia families kidnap him. Each represents one of the powers. Without knowing of the other’s involvement, they order him to steal a device from the Japanese government.

While trying to escape the mafias’ grasp, he falls in love with a member from each side. They convince him to work on his assignment in order to hide the fact that he has access to both powers. It doesn’t work. The mafia families find out and send a hit squad to kill him. They say that he can’t be allowed to mix the two powers and break the secret-treaty with America from World War Two, or there will be yet another World War.

After nearly dying, he gets his chance to steal the device, but it turns out to be a trap. Using the device he was sent to steal, the government captures him and the girls. Becoming one with the ghost allows him to escape, but he soon finds himself pitted against the Japanese government, the mafia and the country he was born in.

PAINTING WITH LIGHT AND SHADOW is a 78,000 word urban fantasy. My name is Travis Sullivan, and I was born in Alabama, but I now live in Tokyo, Japan.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Travis Sullivan

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