Monday, October 21, 2013

Goo stories #12

            Warmth surrounded me. What's going on? I felt content, my stomach no longer rumbling. The smooth taste of milk resided on my tongue, and I could smell canned fish. Am I dead?
            It was difficult to force my eyes open, but I never expected to see the large man holding me in his arms. He cooed sweet sounding words in a language I didn't understand. Ren was nowhere to be found.
            I must get up. When I stirred my muscles into action, my stomach rumbled.
            The man said something before dipping his finger in the opened can of fish and placing it to my mouth.
            I licked at it with a vengeance. Canned food never tasted so good.
            He placed the open can on the ground and sat me on the ground in front of it. He began speaking in the odd, servant's tongue again--one of the two languages my mom spoke.
            After devouring the whole can, a spike of guilt pierced my side. In my gluttony, I had forgotten about Ren. Burning tuna wafted into my nose. "Where is--"
            Sizzle. Crack. Splatter. A black wave of energy burst from the man's chest. Ren landed beside me just before the falling corpse came tumbling down.
            I leaped out of the way.
            Ren followed. After locking eyes with me, he sighed. "Are you alright? Did he hurt you?"
            I couldn't believe what Ren had done to the kind stranger. Hissing, I bared my teeth and reached out to my toy bag.

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