Thursday, October 24, 2013

Writing resource #12

Today, I'll throw together a quick post about a resource I use to describe character voices.

-Goo said in a silvery, purring voice.

Describing voices is a key part to writing, and it is often forgotten by newer writers. What a writer must remember is that the reader can't hear the character speak like on screen. So, beyond describing the sound around the characters, they must describe the voice of the character's themselves.

Describing Someone's Voice

It is a quick list with a small definition for each voice description. It is a wonderful resource and will help give your characters a more distinct voice. Try mixing them and come up with a combination you like.

Again, I {    } and leave a description I'd like to hear when I hear their voice, thus when I come home, I check this out and find the appropriate voice for the character. I will often apply the ear test ... well, if I'm alone at least. This is one of those ear tests that can get rather embarrassing, even for me.

I hope this helps.

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