Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Goo stories #7

            I covered every inch of the house, but neither mom or Maru were anywhere to be found. With my tongue hanging out, I panted. "She's not here!" I slammed my paw against the wall and dragged my claws down the wall. The thin wallpaper peaked away before my fury.
            Ren approached and placed a paw on my shoulder. "Calm down. We will find her."
            "What do you care?" I swung my head towards Rena and hissed. "It was your groups failure that put my mom into this mess in the first place!"
            "The Pack didn't fail." Ren bared his teeth.
            I wanted to swipe my class across his pretty little face. With several deep breaths, I restrained myself. Fighting would do neither of us any good.
            While relaxing his muscles, Ren bobbed his head. "If we can find Maru's new hideout, then--"
            "Perrrrrrrrfect."Maru's voice echoed around the room.
            I nearly leaped out of my fur. I had just searched the house. Save for me and Ren, it was empty.

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