Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Goo stories #16

            "... and then you showed up." I licked my nose, hoping that Cody could understand my rushed summary of events.
            Cody scratched at his ear when a cool wind swept across the vacant, crater-ridden lot. It cared a sweet smell, though I didn't know what it was. The constant chirping noises seemed to annoy him as much as it did me.
            I brushed my tongue across my teeth. "Does--"
            "I can't believe it!" After growling, Cody howled. "How could Sister-in-law get captured so easily?"
            Ren spat. He still struggled against his bonds. "You underestimate the quality of toys that Maru has access to."
            "Even still--" Clearly frustrated, Cody panted. "--Sister-in-law, like my older brother is a known Beast-Mancer--"
            "Without their orbs, Beast-Mancers--" Ren Hissed. "--are pathetically normal without their power spheres."
            Cody laughed. "That's rich, coming from a cat."
            Ren hissed again. "Barking dog!"
            After hearing the curse, Cody bared his teeth. "What did you just say to me?" He stepped forward.
            "Enough!" I now understood how foolish my earlier actions were. "Uncle Cody ... Ren ... we need to work together, or the only one who wins is Maru."
            Both nodded.
            I sighed.

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