Friday, October 11, 2013

Goo stories #8

            I trembled when an image of Maru appeared above mine and Ren's head. What kind of toy could Maru have gotten his paws on to use this power? I swallowed. It felt like I was choking on a hairball even though I knew I was swallowing clean.
            "Here is the deal." Maru's head swiveled back and forth.
            It's like he can't see us. I blinked.
            "I want you to bring The Ancient Tanuki Toy to my Fortress of Perrrrrrfection."
            The Ancient Tanuki Toy? I began to tremble and instinctively covered my face with my front paws. But ... it's guarded by The Great Monster. I wanted to scream.
            Ren lifted me by the scruff of the neck as the image vanished. "Where is this Fortress of Perfection?"
            "If you come without The Ancient Tanuki, I will kill your mom without a second thought ... ." Maru's image completely dissipated.
            While hissing, Ren shook me. "Where is it?"
            I knocked his paw away and stood up straight. "We have to get that toy first."
            Ren bared his teeth.
            I returned the favor. "Your choice ... stay here and search for Maru on your own or help me?"
            I knew what Ren's choice would be. A good thing since I couldn't face The Monster alone. ... I just couldn't.

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