Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Goo stories #13

            I burned the canned fish I had just eaten. "How could you do that?" My voice cracked.
            Ren shook his head. "What do you th--"
            I sprang forward. "He was helping us!" After grabbing the bouncy ball with my mind, energy wrapped around my body.
            Ren burned fish.
            I bound into the air. Before the bouncy ball could shatter, I released it and grabbed onto the squeaky toy.
            Once the black energy wrapped around Ren, he turned. "Why are you sticking up for an agent?" A massive, black claw extended from his body.
            My own energy claw descended and met his half way. Sparks filled the air. I couldn't see beyond my nose, and it became hard to breath. Once the squeaky toy shattered, I touched the bouncy ball again.
            Ren's black, linked state fluttered as he grabbed another toy.
            I hit the ground and bounced over his head. Just after I landed, the bouncy ball shattered. Only three toys left. I grabbed the feather and stick, knowing it wouldn't last long.
            A thick, hammer-like object fell from above.
            My fur turned to steel and shattered the weapon. The feather and stick broke. Grumble. Grumble. Grrrrrr. I could feel my hunger returning. With my stomach still growling, I locked my mind onto the squirrel toy. I had wanted to save it for the monster, but Ren left me with no other choice.
            Ren gasped when purple spheres surrounded my body. "Goo! You can't be serious ... ."
            I fired. Shot after shot roared through the air and by the time the squirrel had shattered, the street around me and Ren looked like a piece of Mom's fancy cheese that she always refuses to share.

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