Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Passed out photo stories #7

Awwww, too bad Kei. He almost made it home ... but at least he got in the right train.

That day started out normal enough. Wake up at five. Drink some coffee. Yell at the wife for not having the toast ready in time. The usual.

Work also plowed by at its regular, drudging pace. Lunch with the boss indicated that the night's after work drinking routine would be a little different. Of course, it was always different when the boss actually decided to come out.

Unfortunately, that is when things began to change from normal to trouble.

At the high-priced sushi restaurant, the boss had been having some issues at home and bypassed the beer, going straight for the sake. Being the only one the boss wanted to talk with was not a favorable place this night.

Kei vaguely remembers going to the 'Girls' Bar' and 'Kabakura', but he couldn't recall why he was walking out of a public restroom in the park.

But one thing was for sure.

His wife was going to be pissed.

So, Kei did what any sensible man would do ... he strolled into a convenience store, grabbed a few Chu Hais and let the trains go by until it was last train.

He stood, stumbling towards the triple-decker train, hoping the open door wasn't part of his imagination.


When the train started to move, Kei's world spun. He lost his bag ... somewhere and crashed against something. He remained standing. Though, not conscious.

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