Friday, October 25, 2013

Goo stories #14

            I grabbed onto my last toy. "You are still the same old murdering fool!" I knew the ball of yarn wouldn't last long, do I had to make it count.
            While hissing, Ren's black coat of energy faded. Apparently, his last projection toy had shattered. His heart pounded audibly. Gulping, he took a step backwards.
            My paws trembled.
            "Goo ... ." Ren licked his nose. "We don't have to do this."
            "Yes--" I bared my teeth. "--we do," Purple strings of energy twirled in the air around my body.
            Ren dashed towards me.
            My strings flew.
            Our hearts seemed to beat in tune.
            Ren twisted and swatted at the strings with his claws.
            My strings cocooned around his body.
            A bright light erupted from within the strings.
            My ball of yarn melted, and I stopped burning fish. Not much remained in my stomach anyway. "Ren!"
            The light turned into a small blade and severed the binding strings.
            I hissed.
            Ren returned the gesture.
            We both sprang forward. I swiped at his face. Dodging, he ducked under the blow and barreled into my chest. I coughed. After wrapping my paws around his neck, I rolled backwards and flipped him over me. He slammed into the ground hard.
            I stood. "I ... ." My chest heaved.
            On wobbly legs, Ren rose. He panted. "I saved you and you tha--"
            "Saved me?" My voice rang with fury. I charged and lifted my paw to strike.
            Hissing, Ren ran forward and also prepared to strike.
            Woosh! This is it! I gritted my teeth.

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