Saturday, October 5, 2013

Goo stories #5

            After swallowing my nerves, I made my decision. I knew I would regret it, but I had no other choice. "What do you want me to get?"
            Maru threw back his head and laughed. "Perrrrrrfect!"
            "Spit it out already!"
            "In due time." Maru licked his nose. "For now ... you will rest while I prepare some things."
            From the corner of my eye, I saw motion. "Wha--"
            Something black covered my face just before a hot, fur-searing pain wrapped around my body. I heard my mom scream. Was she still in the room?
            "Quiet, human!" Maru hissed.
            I smelled charring fish.
            Maru was using his power.
            I reached out with my mind, unable to touch anything. Did Maru take all of my toys away? Biting of a curse, I held my jaw tight. My stomach turned. The fish I had eaten wouldn't last much longer. I had to act soon.
            My mom's scream froze me in place.
            Thinking of her safety first, I stopped struggling.
            When Maru's goons removed the black hood, I found myself locked in a box. Unable to move. Unable to touch my power. Unable to help my mom. I began to cry.

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