Saturday, December 14, 2013

Teaching in Japan

Today, I just want to give a tool that is useful to teachers as well as to anyone who comes to Japan.

Japan is a train country. You can take a taxi, but that is more than expensive. Thus, this website is beyond useful.


This allows you to type in your current station and the station you want to go to as well as any stations you want to pass on the way. You can input the time you think you'll leave or the time you want to arrive by.

A few things though. There is no app for it yet, but you can just use your smartphone browser to access it.
-On top of that, if you are going somewhere that has Nishi, Higashi, Kita, or Minami in the station name, you have to hyphenate it.

I hope this website makes your life in Japan much easier.

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