Monday, December 16, 2013

A quick blog update

It's really busy around here. End of the school year. Reworking the opening to PAINTING. Preparing for the second draft of BURNING. I'm also trying to master the Eldredge tie knot!

So, because of that, I'm going to cut down the blog posts to about three per week until things calm back down, and I start working on the next Goo story. I want to take personalized pictures for it, so I'll try to come up with an outline first. Though, I want to at least get through BURNING's second draft first.

I'll get to the teaching at a high school blog post sometime this week as well as some more passed out photo stories.

I've got a few more writing resources to come up with.

I have a few critiques in the work.

I've even thought about talking about my philosophies on writing like I did for world building post on Fetching Fiction.
-Though, those take a lot of work, but honestly everything takes a lot of work recently.
-The topics I've been throwing about in my head are "Architects versus Gardeners and how to find a balance", "Dialogue structure", "Talking with yourself - using voices versus text to speech pages" and "Where to begin when reworking and idea/scene from scratch".

Anyway, if you have any suggestions, requests or feedback, please comment below or email me at travis(dot)sullivan(at)gmail(dot)com  (.@.) (pompadour bow)

Thanks for reading,

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