Monday, December 9, 2013

Goo stories #34

            Gasping ripped me out of my melancholy mood. What ... ?
            Cody rested his head in Mom's lap, clearly exhausted. With her eyes closed and breathing heavy, Mom seemed to be in worse shape. After scanning the room, I found the origin of the sound. Maru appeared to still be breathing.
            Rage exploded in my thoughts. Should I finish off Maru for killing Haro? With all my willpower, I shook the grim thought.
            "Goo ... ." Blood rolled down Maru's chin. "Help ... me ... ."
            I hissed. "Why should I?"
            "I ... know where ... the third ... Ancient toy is."
            After replaying the words in my head, started. "What?"
            "It ... has the power to ... bring your friend back to ... life."
            I shook my head then shivered. Once I killed the greedy thoughts floating around inside my head, I grabbed Maru by the throat. "I will find a way to save you, but not for a false promise."
            I am not lying--"
            "You will face the justice you deserve!" I dropped Maru and strode over to wake my uncle. When he rose, I told him my plan.
            Cody glanced between me and Maru. "I don't mind but are you sure?"
            I smiled. "Yes ... ."
            "The back and forth motion could kill him in his condi--"
            "No." I shook my head. "He will be fine."
            "Okay ... ."
            I felt truly evil for the first time in my life while I watched Cody hump the energy that he needed out of Maru.

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