Thursday, December 12, 2013

Random blog story #1

Today, I’m going to post a back-and-forth story that me and my friend James did after I tagged him with this picture from I survived.


            After flipping the turn signal, James glanced at the passenger side mirror. What the fuck! He slammed on the breaks in the middle of the highway and leaped out the driver’s side door of his ’92 Corola.
            A twenty-eight car pileup created a mountain of metal before a massive explosion set the whole thing ablaze.
            While stumbling away from the destruction, James licked his lips. Did I imagine that?
            The smell of roasted flesh zipped through the air.
            James gagged, and his knees buckled. He began to swoon until he noticed the only survivors of the fireball.
            The spiders.
            And they were coming his way.
            Skitter, skitter!
            They grew with each of their eight-legged steps until the largest one resembled an elephant.
            James screamed and spun on his heels, to run, only to find himself surrounded. “Fuck me.”
            “Oh, we plan on it,” the elephant-sized spider said.
            Looking for a hole in their formation, James found one of the spiders who hadn’t reached a ridiculous size since it had lost most of its legs. It was the only one that had sustained any sort of damage. I … don’t understand. I thought fire — After taking a deep breath, he dashed towards the crippled arachnid.
            The other spiders hissed.
            James sprang forward, and when his lead foot left the ground, he smiled. Victo—
            He shouldn’t have taken his eyes off of the street.
            A loose stone caught his back foot and upended him. He flipped through the air and landed flat on his ass.
            A spike rolled up his spine.
            His head jerked backwards.
            His muscles twitched.
            He had to ignore the hammer to the head-like pain and climb to his feet.
            No choice!
            While James righted himself, he felt something brush against his hand. He glanced back over his shoulder.
            The elephant-sized spider stared straight at him, all eight eyes filled with what could only be described as a twisted sense of glee. “That was cute. Do you do other tricks too?”
            Jumping back with energy he didn’t realize he had, James once again scrambled forward and tried to slip past the wounded spider.
            From behind, the elephant-sized spider released a jeering laugh. “That’s the spirit! It’s no fun if they don’t struggle a bit!”
            A team of spiders sprinted to close the gap on the left.
            The elephant-sized spider sauntered forward, the fur on its mandibles standing on end. “Just like that, my children. He must be tenderized!

            James huffed, and with each heavy step, a jolt of agony lanced through his right leg. Fuck, I think I sprained my ankle.
            The wounded spider rubbed its two remaining legs together as if he were offering himself to it for a dinner special.
            After putting all of his weight onto his left leg, James juked to the left and broke into daylight.
            Skitter, skitter.
            Skitter, skitter.
            Skitter, skitter.
            James ran harder than he thought possible.
            Skitter, skitter.
            A long moment later, James glanced behind him.
            No fire.
            No cars.
            No spiders.
            Thank god, no spiders.
            James skidded to a halt and blinked. What? His head jerked left and right while his heart rate rose.
            Thump-thump, thump!
            With a sour taste caressing the back of his tongue, James swallowed.
            As if right beside his ear, the voice of the elephant-sized spider said, “Guess you were just a one-trick-pony after all.” It sighed.
            James choked and staggered back into a tree. I must be going mad.

To be continued .

Thank you for reading,


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