Monday, December 2, 2013

Goo stories #32

            I met Maru in midair and grunted. While turning my weight, I threw him off balance and sent him tumbling to the floor. With a flare of my stomach oven, I rebounded off of the far wall. "Over already?"
            The haze of blackened fish was so heavy that I could taste it. When Maru's eyes began to glow, I fell to the carpeted floor. The energy around my body was gone. My bouncy ball had somehow broken earlier than it should have.
            Unable to hide my fear, I trembled. "What ... did you do?"
            Once his eyes stopped glowing, Maru panted. "Did I do something?" A smile crept across his creepy face.
            It has to be that oversized toy in his bag. I grabbed onto a squeaky toy and lunged forward.
            Maru's eyes began to glow again.
            I felt my squeaky toy shatter. "That's ... impossible!"
            Maru labored for breath. Each step he took seemed to drain more and more of his energy. "It's time I end this."
            If he has the power to destroy my toys, why hasn't he destroyed all of them yet? After biting into my lower-lip, I stepped backwards. "I reached out with my mind. Three toys left: two stick-and-feathers as well as a squeaky-mouse toy. A plan formed in my head.
            While narrowing his eyes, Maru purred. "Scared? That's perrrrrrrrrrrrfect." He moved forward.
            Without thinking, I charged Maru. I hope this works! I reached out and grabbed the stick-and-feather toy.
            Maru hissed.
            Once I saw his eyes begin to glow, I released my hold on the toy and ran headfirst into him. He grunted. We both tumbled to the floor.
            My stick-and-feather was still intact. I was right. "You lose, Maru!"
            I grabbed onto the stick-and-feather. My fur grew and spikes ripped into Maru's flesh.
            Maru screamed.
            I released the toy and slapped him across the face with my paw. I bit into his left arm. When the coin-like taste of blood filled my mouth, I leaped to the side and grabbed the squeaky-mouse toy.
            Maru rolled back to his feet. "I'll--"
            After spitting the blood out of my mouth, I extended a massive claw, grabbing Maru's toy bag and tossing it across the room. That should be far enough away that he can't touch it. A second claw grabbed him by the chest and slammed him into the wall opposite his toys.
            Maru coughed. Tears formed in his eyes. "Goo ... please ... I never--"
            Another hint of burning fish entered the air.
            I blinked.
            A thin beam ripped through the wall and pierced Maru's heart.
            My eyes bulged. "What?"
            Ren strolled in through the same door I had used and grinned. "Now ... it's over." He sprinted across the room before scooping up Maru's toy bag and leaping out the window.
            "Ren!" I sprinted to the window and glared down at my friend. "What's the meaning of this?"

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