Sunday, December 15, 2013

Passed out photo stories #14

You know what they say? A couple who gets trashed together ... passes out together. Yuka and Daiki try to stick to that rule like glue on macaroni.

After class, they met up at A-pizza, grabbing some food and wine. They complained about their classes—Yuka focusing on how her teacher was walking the line of sexual harassment while Daiki groaned about the pop-quiz his teacher gave him.

Three pizzas and two bottles of wine later, they made their move to an izukaya. Yuka called her friend, the izukaya's manager, and got them a discount nomihodai for two hours. They downed drinks one after another, avoiding all thoughts of the overpriced food.

Daiki checked his phone once they had made their way back to the streets, and Yuka asked him what he was doing. He began to talk about the last train, and she pulled his body close to her. Her body was warm. His was trembling.

Thoughts vanished as she placed her lips to his, their soft caress sending a chill down his spine. She moaned while he massaged her lower-lip between his.

When the kiss had finally ended, Yuka pointed in the opposite direction of the station. She wanted to go dancing, and thus, that is what they would do.

About two hours from first train, they left the dance club—feeling frisky despite the blur in their vision. The chill night air hit their spirit of adventure like a stack of bricks, and their heads began to spun. The darkness closed in around them. The last thing either remember is crossing some street and squatting next to this building.

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