Saturday, December 7, 2013

Goo stories #33

            While watching Ren stretch, I licked my nose. "I had Maru captured!"
            Ren appeared to be an ant from this vantage point. He was so far away, and I no longer had any bouncy balls to give chase. The smell of burning fish had vanished along with the fire in my stomach. The room felt colder.
            I swallowed. "We could have brought him to justice!" Not kill him in cold blood.
            "Justice?" Ren laughed. "The only justice Maru deserved was death!"
            With my eyes closed, I shook my head. "No one deserves death."
            "Maru did."
            "Ren ... what happened?"
            Tears glistened Ren's eyes. "Maru murdered my younger sister when we raided his Fortress of Precision."
            I started. "Haro is dead?" Bile rose into the back of my throat. Besides Mom, Haro was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. "That can't be true."
            Ren turned away from me. "It is."
            "Why did you never tell me?"
            "I figured it would be best if you didn't know." Ren shrugged before taking a step away from the house. "You might have figured out what I wanted to do if I did."
            After waving his war, Ren sprinted off into the distance.
            When Ren vanished from my sight, I slumped to the ground. I need to ... .

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