Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Writing recource #2

I'm a bit tired, but I'll try and get another drunk story, how to meet girls and how to meet new friends up by the end of the weekend. For today, I'll go simple and hand out another writing resource.

So, one of the other tools I use a lot—this one is free—to eliminate word echoes as well as to find a way to make my pros come out smoother.

It's called word hippo!
Word hippo

It is really good. Some ways that I use it, is when I'm writing, rather than thinking about trying to keep from echoing words, I just use the same word and put a {  } around the words. That way, I don't interrupt my thoughts, and I can clean it up when I come home and move it from my ipod touch to my computer.

It also helps when I'm editing, and I just think the sentence sounds cluttered. I try to break the sentence apart and figure out what I'm trying to say. I look at the primary words that can't really have their meaning changed, but use this program to look for a different way, to say them. It works wonders for keeping sentences flowing smoothly from one to the next.

I hope this resource helps!

Thanks for reading,

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