Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Passed out photo stories #1

Here lies Jyunosuke. 

One bottle of Nihonshu too many is a phrase he has never once uttered in his life. 

After a hard day of working the streets, he retired to his local 7-11 and started with a pair of 1-cup Sakes. Although, honestly, he only bought them to hold him over to the liquor store. What he had forgot was that his favorite liquor store was always closed on Thursday. 

Without lunch or dinner, the 2 cups of Sake had hit him pretty hard and not in the good place. He was pissed. With his Hawaiian style button-up shirt wrapped around his fist, he shattered the glass over the door and reached inside to unlock it. 

Jyunosuke was no thief though. After dropping enough money on the counter for a reasonable Nomihodai and a spare bottle, he drank his fill before the sound of police sirens nearly made him shit himself. Grabbing the bottle he had paid for, he ran from the store with all the strength his weary bones could handle. 

Panting and out of breath, He ducked into a corner, to finish his Nihonshu. That was the last thing he remembered as he woke up with a massive bruise on his right jaw, no wallet and bottle missing. Poor, poor Jyunosuke. I think you got robbed.

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