Saturday, September 14, 2013

Picking up girls #1

I'm a little bit busy right now, but I'm trying to get the first post out for each of the main topics of this blog. For that reason, I'll go with the easy out.

For everyone in the Kanto region, I'd consider coming down to Tokyo for 'speed dating.'

International party - speed dating

Now here me out. I know it sounds pretty sleazy ... and it is. But that's the thing that most people don't realize. You have to be sleazy, at least in your attempts to meet women (not in how you treat them), here in a city with so many people—most of which do not speak your native language.

This is a good way to pick up girls for a few reasons:
First, you have a chance to sit down and talk with about 20 girls each time.
Second, most of the girls you meet can speak a little bit of English.

Preparation before you enter the room is a key factor. I know this may sound obvious to some, but make sure you dress your best, get your hair trimmed/cut close to when you are planning to go, take a shower just before you leave the house, wear cologne if you have it (not really a major point, but it does help), brush your teeth after you get out of the shower (and I'd carry breath mints with you too) and beyond anything else, go in sober. Do not get hammered before you walk in the door, no matter how nervous you are. It will only make things worse in this case.

Next, don't be nervous. Or at least don't appear that way. Think of it like giving a speech to a bunch of strangers. (Actually, this is exactly what it is)

Going deeper into that, have a 'speech' planned out before you go in. Always open in English ... I can't stress this enough. Not every Asian there is Japanese. Keep that in mind, but once you start talking to them, you will find out soon enough. In English, open with a basic greeting, your name, ask for there's and move from there. If they are Japanese and look to be struggling with English, I'd switch to Japanese, even if you have a very limited ability with it. A quick back and forth, you asking questions like, "How old are you?" (Nan-sai desuka?), "Where are you from?" (Dokokara kimashitaka?) and "What are your hobbies?" (Shyumi ha nandesuka?). Those are the easiest things to communicate in Japanese/English. From there, come up with some things from what you want her to know about you and questions you can ask about them, no matter what their hobbies are. Just something so that you can always keep talking. You never want a silence, especially since it's only five minutes per person.

After each little 'interview,' you can either select yes or no. If both parties select yet, they are given each others information. This is why you select yes for every person you come across, unless you just absolutely never want to speak to that person again. More yeses, more chances. I would rank the yeses, thus if you get a match with them, you can schedule your dates accordingly.

Once you actually get yeses, in your first email, reintroduce yourself and attach a photo of yourself so that they can remember who you are. It also makes your first meeting with them much smoother. Schedule a date with all of your yeses within a month of getting their information (Use your ranking to determine which ones you meet first). Any later than a month and you are too late. Honestly, after about two weeks is too late, but sometimes there is wiggle room.

You make all the plans. Do not ask them what they want to do. That is an instant strike out. Just take charge. Ask them what they like to do and when they are free, but you make the plans. Make the schedule and let them know. From there, it is just work and matching personalities.

Good luck.

Best of luck. I'll go over international parties next time.

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