Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Passed out photo stories #4

Sorry about yesterday guys. Had to go to the Dr and do some actual, for my job, work at home. UGH! lol. Anyway, today, we have another passed out photo story.

Oh poor poor Taisei. 

After the day's client begged him to take him out on the town, he found himself with a bottle of Jack in one hand and a bottle of Jose Cuervo in the other, stumbling towards the one soap-land his wife didn't keep tabs on. 

It was unfortunate that the walk was so long and that the day's client was such a violent drunk. A young woman crossed their paths and Taisei's client took it as a slight. He screamed at the woman until she broke down in tears and then demanded that she perform the services they had intended to get at the soap-land. 

She refused, and Taisei's client moved to force her hand. 

Taisei could not abide by this, so with all his drunken might, he swung the bottle of Jack and caught his client upside the head. 

His client dropped like a sack of wet rags. 

Taisei smiled until he realized that he was still spinning around himself. He flailed his arms to slow his turn; the night's biggest mistake. 

It was more than unfortunate that he didn't like tequila and had barely touched the bottle of Jose Cuervo as it slammed into his own face, right between the eyes. He has been sprawled out like this ever since: 

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