Monday, September 30, 2013

Passed out photo series #6

How stupid can Haruki be?

Haruki woke up with stupid by mixing whiskey into his coffee. But honestly, can you blame him? It was Friday after all.

With a flask in his pocket, Haruki strolled into his office and began his day by cursing out his boss. It was not his best moment, to say the least.

Since he made it through the day, he considered himself lucky. Though, his flask wasn't as fortunate. He stumbled out of his office and ran face first into a young lady. Too bad whiskey made him angry-drunk.

She moved to apologize.

Haruki slapped her.

She screamed.

Before the police could arrive, he fell into a sprint. His heart pounded. While panting, he slipped into a liquor store as he passed by and grabbed a handle of whiskey. He began to drink. And drink.

Half way through the handle of whiskey, Haruki tripped over his own feet. The bottle left his hand and flipped through the air. Whiskey covered a passerby.

Haruki blamed him for the lost whiskey.

The man wanted Haruki to pay for his ruined jacket.

Both clenched their fists. First of all, Haruki was drunk. Secondly, he was not a fighter and didn't actually know what he was doing.

The man's fist came down across Haruki's chin. Haruki dropped.

And here we are. Haruki laid out, and the man searching for his wallet, to pay for the ruined jacket.

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