About me

My name is Travis Sullivan.

This picture is of me feeding the cat, Goo!

I'm from Mobile, Alabama and a graduate from the University of Alabama. Roll Tide!

After graduation, I moved to the Kanto region of Japan and have finally settled down in Tokyo. Ikebukuro to be exact. It's a wonderful place to live, and the opposite of Alabama, to say the least.

I teach English at JHS and elementary school in the Saitama prefecture--a bit north of Tokyo. Outside of work ... and sometimes at work, I write. I write as often and as much as possible. I stick to the fantasy genre as I'm not too interested in space and sci-fi.

My first 3 novels are epic fantasy, and my most recent one is an urban fantasy set in Japan. My first one, MEMORY-LINK, has been stripped and reworked into a novella while my second one, KREXEN-FED, is going through final beta reads. Though ... it is available on create space ( A link to my book! ) ... I had free prints from Nano last year, so I didn't want to waste them ... but I'm waiting for beta readers to finish with it before I fully push it out there for self publishing.
Although, based on some advice, I may hold out until I can 'blitz' and release novel after novel in a back to back format. I'm not quite sure yet.

THE DISEASE OF POWER is also going through beta reads, but it's only about a third of the way through.

PAINTING WITH LIGHT AND SHADOW, the urban fantasy, is now ready for beta readers.
I'm still looking for more beta readers for this, or my previous novel, THE DISEASE OF POWER. If you are interested, please email me at travis.sullivan at gmail

Currently, I'm working to finish Nano preparations. I have a few other things to work on as well, but the ideas are still jumping around in my head. I'm on chapter 9 of 30 for the outline rework right now.

Tentative Nano Wrimo 2013 novel title: Broken with a Stomach Oven

This last picture is me sitting on the beach in Korea, during this past summer vacation with my g/f. She was upset that I was sitting on the beach with my clipboard, writing. Well, editing to be precise. So, she took one of our friend's hats, slapped it onto my head and took a picture. This is the result ...

Needless to say, she eventually got me to put my writing down and get int he water. ... big mistake. I should have at least put sun screen on first lol. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog!

As always,
thanks for reading,


  1. What is your email
    John (WeavJohn@Gmail.com)
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  2. So excited to see a self-publisher using beta readers. You would not believe the number of books I get for review that go from written to published in a flash. X_X

    Good luck!

    1. Thank you. I've also been thinking about hiring a copy editor/proof reader to go through the work when they're done, but it's a bit out of my budget for a poor foreigner living in Tokyo lol.

      The more I write, now I'm on the third one I was thinking about self publishing, the more I look back at the other two which are almost finished and go, "UGH! Did I really write those? I should trash the idea of publishing them due to the overhaul required to 'fix' them is more work that writing 4 drafts of a new book!" … Though, honestly, I'll probably just give them one more look over with only minor changes before releasing them as .99 books with free codes for those who sign up for my email list (Which I honestly haven't figured much about that out yet lol … I just know I need to start one)

      Once again, thanks for the encouragement! Makes me want to double back down on my work now!!!!

  3. You wouldn't perchance do any translating from English to Japanese?