Wednesday, December 30, 2015

By your powers combined Chapter 2

I changed the name of Igaa to Aiga (Gaia) because the water character's name is Igu (Gi), and the fire character, friend's since birth is Lerweeh (Lear-way aka Wheeler of the fire) The POV's name has changed to Tima (Ma-ti of heart aka psychic) and Wamek of earth is one of the other friends.

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Chapter 2 (Still a hammer)

            “Psychic?” I ground my teeth then punch the couch beneath me. “Worthless!”
            “Why would you think that?” Barges asked inside my head from atop the fireplace’s mantel. “Also, you don’t actually have to voice your words to me.”
            “I don’t need you telling me what to do.” If I shattered the crystal, no one would have to know how worthless my soul was.
            Psychic … What kind of shit is that? No famous warriors, craftsmen or duelists had ever had psychic soul crystals. They were just so worthless in battle.
            “I am far from worthless in battle,” Barges said, his voice—it sounded like a man at least—carrying a hint of amusement. “And yes, I am supposed to tell you what to do. Or else you will never be able to harness my power. And believe me, it is a rather considerable power.”
            “Can’t you use your own power?”
            “I can levitate myself and make whatever object I inhabit lighter, but I only give you access to my power. When you link to me through physical contact, as long as you are not starving, you can draw on my power and use psychic abilities.”
            “What kind of abilities do you have?”
          “They take practice to use, but I would rather you keep this between us. No need to give our advantage away.”
            It was all I could do not to laugh in the crystal’s face. Well, its presence at least. Maybe the front side of it. Fine. We’ll talk like this. You happy?
            “Very. I’ll start by suggesting that you craft me into something small like a ring or necklace. It would—”
            “But, Tima, with such a small object, I could stay close to you at all times and move extremely fast to reach you when we have been separated.”
            Nope. I rose from the couch and made my way back over to the couch. Just the presence of a soul crystal makes an object lighter and move as if commanded by thought.
            Barges vibrated in his glass container. “Are you ignorant of what a psychic soul crystal can do? As long as we are in contact, I could make any object lighter. Any object move as your mind wishes.”
            Is that what psychic soul crystals do? That gives me an idea, but it still doesn’t change what you’re going to be crafted in to. A grin spread across my face as I picked up the glass container. Even with the barrier between us, I could feel Barges’s power sinking into me. Moving objects with my mind may not be ideal, but I guess it’s an okay power. Certainly not fire, but—”
            “Fool!” Barges’s deep, baritone voice rang against the inside of my skull. “You think that’s all a fragment of the great cleanser is capable of?”
            The great cleanser? I shook my head. No, that wasn’t important. Yes? I mean how am I supposed to know what the weakest of the soul crystals is capable of?
            “Weakest? Don’t make me laugh. Not fire, earth, water or wind even compare to my power.”
            Using combustion to increase your speed and give you the power of flight is pretty amazing. Not to mention being able to just blow everything up with a burst of fire. And the physical strength it gives you.
            “Even without ingesting our link for a burst of power, with me at your side, no one will stand against us. How could fire compare to our powers? Creating illusions to disorient an opponent. Calling lesser, unintelligent beings to fight for you. Being able to shove on your opponents’ non-living matter to knock them off balance. Mind control. These are lesser—”
            Mind control is illegal.
            “Not if you don’t get caught.”
            I opened my mouth to voice how stupid it would be to even practice such an illegal use of power when footsteps echoed down the hallway.
            Aiga stepped into the living room area and arched an eyebrow. “I figured an ox like yourself would need several more hours of sleep.”
            Barges buzzed.
            Enough from you for now. My mind is still made up. You’ll be worked into my war hammer that I’ve been saving up for. I forced a smile, squinting as I did to make it seem genuine. Though, if Aiga had been wearing her soul gauntlet, she’d easily figure out the truth. Figure out how shaken I was by the audacity of my soul crystal. “Aiga …” I let her name rest on my tongue. “We both know you only wanted me unconscious so that you could take advantage of my now adult body.”
            Aiga rolled her eyes. “You wish.”
            I did.
            After taking a deep breath, Aiga gestured for him to follow. “Today’s rite of passage went wrong for some reason.”
            Barges buzzed again. “Liar.”
            Shut up. I moved towards the hallway where Aiga stood, my hands trembling. “What do you mean?”
            Aiga placed her hand over her mouth as if to contain a yawn. “They. The other four, to some degree or another, managed to get off their Rite’s Tables. All are in stable condition—”
            I started to sigh. My friends …
            Aiga tugged on the collar of her long healer’s cloak. “—except Igu.”

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

By your powers combined Chapter 1

So, this idea came from asking my friends to give me two things—tv shows, movies, video games, books or anything else that I would know—and make a story out of them. On top of that, I wanted to mix a genre I've never written before with a style I've never written before. So, this is supposed to be an epic fantasy/horror story written in first person since I've never written horror before and I've only dabbled in first person. (On this blog actually)

The basic idea of this story is Captain Planet meets Lord of the Rings, where the bad guys are trying to wipe out the regular humans because they are destroying the environment and destroying the planet. Our five heroes will be born with the power to summon Captain Sauron and have to make a choice between saving the world and saving the human race. Still not sure where the horror aspect comes in other than the power itself slowly corrupting them and driving them to the insane point to make them summon Captain Sauron. Maybe I'll add a monster in there somewhere than none of them can stop, and it turns out is one of the heroes. Or something. Totally discovery writing this piece and may leave it in the first draft form unless everyone loves it.

Anyway, enjoy it with a picture of Captain Goo! My epic cat.

Chapter 1 (Rite of passage)

            Please, by all the gods, say it was fire. It had to be fire. I lay down on the stone ritual table, one of five in the ritual room, already seeing the massive war hammer I would implant my soul crystal into once it had been taken from my body. Once I had become an adult.
            Looming over me, Healer Aiga glanced down. Her pale hair and beautiful, dark skin made my mouth water. After this, she would no longer have a reason to turn down my marriage requests. Just because she was twice my age …
            I bit into my lower lip, pushing thoughts of the village elders and other spectators around the room from my thoughts. Pushing the thoughts of my four friends on their tables from my thoughts. Only Aiga and my soul gem mattered right now.
            A grin formed on Aiga’s full lips, and her turquoise eyes sparkled as she lifted her gauntlet, as she connected to her soul gem. “Are you ready, Tima?” Her voice was a mix of honey and sweet cakes, delicious to hear.
            “Of course.” My voice only cracked a bit. I wasn’t nervous. Not one bit. I coughed to clear my throat and return my voice to its silvery, singsong pitch that would win me Aiga’s hand. “I was ready last year, love.”
            “You know the rite of passage is only for those who have reached their sixteenth birthdays.”
            “I’m clearly more mature than my age.” It was true. I was bigger than half the men in the village, taller and more built. That mostly came from working in the mines.
            “I see.” Aiga placed her gauntleted hand on my chest. “Close your eyes. Remember, Tima, no matter how much this hurts, you can’t get off the table.”
            “I know that.” I took a deep breath and steadied my nerves. I was ready for this. I wasn’t scared at all. “Let’s get started.”
            I nodded just before everything went white, and pain locked my joints into place. Ahhhhhh! My toes curled. My teeth gritted. This. This wasn’t right. I was dying.
            No, I couldn’t die here.
            Flopping to the side, I came to the edge of the table.
            Distant, Aiga’s voice cried out a warning. Something about an irregularity. About it never being like this before. About the other four having the same issues. About restraints.
            Rough hands seized my shoulders and pressed me flat onto my back.
            Breath fled my lungs.
            Several other gasps and squeals of pain rang out around the ritual room.
            Not good. They were all going to die.
            I thrashed against the man holding me down. He couldn’t know what we were going through.
            My muscles revolted against me. No matter how strong I was. No matter how much Master Jillinz had trained me to be one of his new merchants. I. I was helpless. Dead. I—
            Blackness engulfed me.
            I gasped and sat up. I. I shook my head.
            The soft couch underneath me was one of the longest ones in Aiga’s house. I had slept on it enough to know, waiting on friends or my mother to be healed.
            A pounding headache settled into my head, and something drew me to the fireplace across the living room.
            I stood, stooping to not hit my head on Aiga’s hanging lamp as I moved around the coffee table and between the two smaller couches.
            On the fireplace’s mantel, inside a small glass box lay a triangle shaped crystal as big as my finger and the color of a blooming pink rose. The same kind of rose Aiga liked.
            The crystal pulsed. A pressure worked its way into my head, and it was all I could do not to scream.
             Teeth gritted, I glared at the crystal. “What. Are. You. Doing to me?”
            “Establishing our link,” the crystal said inside my head.
            I stumbled backwards, the coffee table taking my feet out from under me. Luckily, the couch was soft, but my head still clipped the wall with a thunk.
            “Was that really necessary?” the crystal asked.
            “You. You can talk.” I rubbed at the lump forming on the back of my head.
            “Clearly. I can move too when not hindered by some container designed to hold soul crystals.”
            “Soul crystals?”
            “Was removing me from your body that traumatic? Oh well. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Barges, and I’m a psychic soul crystal.”

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