Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lucidity chapter 33

Chapter 33 (Not fast enough)

            Kkaj glared at the clouds of dust in the distance. Even dumping water energy into the horses, we are no closer to catching them. Just how strong is this Ikiffar?
            Beside him, Jekor huffed with each stride. If they weren’t careful, they would be hungover or kill the horses before the reached that murdering kidnapper.
            “Careful.” Kkaj sucked in air through his nose and tried to slow his racing heart. “We can’t burn ourselves or our horses out before we catch up.”
            Jekor peered at Kkaj through the corner of his eye. “At this rate, we’re going to lose them.”
            I know. “Just focus. She has to be as tired as we are.”
            “No. We fought against the crocobear. She didn’t.”
            “Moonshine. You’re right.” Kkaj leaned forward as if it would help.
            Roar! Thundering footsteps called out from behind. Closing in. Closer. Closer.
            “How is that beast so fast?” Kkaj glanced over his shoulder.
            “I’m not sure.” Jekor swallowed. “I’ve never heard of one so big.” Jekor, who was apparently a man despite his name, voice and attitude, shivered, and the magic coursing through his horse waned. He slowed a fraction.
            “I am trying,” Jekor said in a melodious voice.
            “Fight the possession! You’re stronger than this!” I hope.
            Jekor gritted his teeth. “You’re right!” He whipped the makeshift reins of his horse. “We can’t fail! I won’t let Ikiffar’s revenge destroy her.”
            “Her revenge, huh?”
            The crocobear’s pounding footsteps grew closer.
            Jekor bit into his lower-lip. “I’m sorry about Saffer.”
            Pain stabbed into Kkaj’s heart, and everything blurred. Her death … is may fault. I asked for my love life to sort itself out, I killed Ikiffar’s family. All. All my fault. Just like … . He swooned.
            Something grabbed onto his shoulder and kept him in the saddle.
            “I. I. I’ll take responsibility.” He wiped the tears from his eyes and nodded. “I’ll trade my life for Roffor’s, and hopefully, that’ll give you a chance to save that bastard of a king.”
            “Can I?”
            “You have to.”
            “But —”
            Both horses screamed then jerked to the left.
            The world lurched, and Kkaj crashed into the ground. The breath escaped his lungs. Heat burned through his chest, but he sat up.
             His horse squirmed on its side, front legs broken. To the right, Jekor stood up and patted his horse’s side. Luckily, his horse wasn’t injured. Between them, a cloud of dust settled. The massive crocobear growled. The reverberating sound rattled Kkaj’s bones.
            Kkaj ground his teeth. I hope I can beat it with just four liquors. He reached into his vest. “Jekor!”
            “What?” Kkaj glanced away from the massive crocobear.
            Two smaller crocobears, still bigger than war-horses, sprinted towards them.
            His heart leaped into his throat, and his blood turned into ice. Shovers crawled across his skin. “Moonshine.”
            “What are we going to do?” Jekor’s voice cracked. “We can’t outrun them, and —” He pointed to a rock formation behind him. “— I don’t think we’re fast enough to get to that cave.”
            “A cave, huh?” Kkaj took a shot of rum and forced the energy into his muscles. Agony pierced his joints, and he clenched his jaw shut. A long moment later, his power-enhanced muscles deadened to the pain. “You get to safety and make sure to save both women!” He lifted his flask of tequila.

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