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Lucididty chapter 19

Chapter 19 (A pair of horses)

            Ikiffar glared at the librarian as he ran away from her. What did he mean get some horses? With what money? She spat into the dirt and gritted her teeth.
            The crowd around her screamed rich. Maybe they wouldn’t notice their wallets being lifted? None seemed to care about how much money the flashed around and wasted. Were they all fools?
            She tapped her foot. I shouldn’t have to resort to stealing. A frown creased her brow. If only the —
            Something tapped her shoulder.
            She started before spinning to stare into the golden eyes of that bastard’s girlfriend. A growl climbed up Ikiffar’s throat. “You.”
            “You may have fooled my sister and Kkaj, but I know better.” The woman poked Ikiffar in the chest. “You may have a name that says you’re from RulFer, but your accent says you’re clearly from JemKej.”
            Ikiffar blinked. “Huh?”
            “I don’t know what you’re trying to pull, but I won’t let you hurt Kkaj.”
            Ikiffar stepped forward, only inches away from the woman’s face. “And you’re going to stop me?” I really thought dropping the ‘K’ in my name would be enough to fool these city-born, spoiled idiots. “Pampered and such as you are?”
            The woman gritted her teeth and reached into her Drunkzard vest. A pair of guards stepped around the corner and glared at Ikiffar.
            Adrenaline burned through Ikiffar’s muscles, and her hand shot forward, grabbing the woman’s wrist. “That’s not a good idea. Here at least.” Ikiffar nodded towards the guards. When the woman turned her head to look, Ikifar reached into her vest. Where does she keep her wallet? Her hand pressed into the woman’s large, squishy breasts. How was it fair that a woman with such perfect hair had nice breasts, too? And she was rich.
            The woman moaned. Her knees trembled, and her head shot around. She slapped Ikiffar’s free hand and took a deep breath. “What do you think you’re doing? Groping me in public like that?”
            Heat burned inside Ikiffar’s cheeks, and she found herself staring at the ground. “I-I-I —” Was only trying to rob you. No. “I didn’t think they were real.”
            The woman smirked. She actually smirked. How rude. Then, she leaned forward and squeezed her beautiful, undeserved breasts together. “Jealous?”
            Ikiffar turned away from the woman. Was she jealous? “Not in the least bit!”
            “Am not.”
            The woman’s hands reached under Ikiffar’s arms and wrapped around her breasts.
            Ikiffar squeaked out a moan as a wetness grew from her crotch. Her knees became weak and her breathing heavy. This did not feel good. It just didn’t. It felt … amazing. No!
“Stop.” Her voice cracked.
            The woman chuckled. “You know, your breasts are nice. Much better than my sisters.” She let go. “Stay away from Kkaj. For his sake and —” She tapped something metal. Probably a flask. “— for yours.”
            Ikiffar crossed her arms across her chest, and she shivered. I’ll make you pay for doing that to me in public.
            Her memories reeled, the rush of magic ripping through the streets of Orakab creating a clear image in her mind. Shouts. Screams. The splatter and crunch of death. The horrid sounds rattled her bones and turned her blood into ice.
            She gasped banishing the memories just before her family shoved her into the  river. Tears rolled down her cheeks, and she sniffled. Everyone … . Her heart fell into her stomach, and she doubled over, vomiting onto the street.
            “Are you alright?” The woman patted Ikiffar on the back.
            Ikiffar would not accept this woman’s kindness. Anyone associated with that bastard responsible for murdering everyone she loved deserved to be executed. They were not human. She refused to believe otherwise.
            “Iiffar?” the woman asked, her voice as soft as her breasts. As soft as her touch.
            “No!” Still crying, Ikiffar burst into a run. She weaved through the crowd to get as far away from the woman — No! — the bastard’s girlfriend as possible. Ikiffar’s chest heaved by the time she slid to a halt next to a large, two-story wooden building.
            On the other side of the wall, several horses whinnied as if they knew she were there. As if to mock her.
            Ikiffar slammed her fist against the wall.
            The resonating crack whipped down the street.
            Is this building only made of wood? Ikiffar strolled around the building and glanced into the entrance.
            A fat man leaned back in a chair. Despite how early it was, his rumbling snores echoed through the open stable. Was there no one else here?
            She edged backwards, careful not yo make a sound. If I return the horses later … . She crept back to the rear of the building, looked in both directions then pulled out her flask of whiskey. Like most Pentas, she had on element stronger than the others.
            A quick swig later, Rage slammed against the barrier she had erected in her mind. Seething hatred filled her muscles. Kkaj and everyone associated with the Empty Bottle Cult needed to die. Lucidity’s power was the key, though without knowing who the other founding members were … .
            Ikiffar released the metal energy and molded it into a large sword. She folded the blade in on itself until it was thinner than paper. She placed the flat of the blade against the wall, and the nails sizzled.
            Oozing metal rolled down the wood and melded with the blade. Unfortunately, removing the nails didn’t appear to be the only thing holding the wooden wall in place.
            A sigh deflated her chest, and she hoped none of the horses were standing close to the wall. No turning back now if I want to make those murders pay. She stabbed the Magnus blade halfway through the wall and created a large enough hole to pull two horses out of. She tilted the blade downwards to cup the wooden section and set it on the ground outside the stables.
            Luckily, the horses didn’t seem to be spooked. Too bad none wore a saddle.
            She snuck over to the wall and used her blade to free a pair of saddles and saddle bags. Once she had selected two horses and saddled them, she scanned the stable. Where does Fatty keep the mouth control things?
            Saddles hung on the left wall. Smaller horses in individual pins on the right. Hay covered the floor along with the stink of poop. Fatty slept at the front of the stables, and right beside him sat what she needed.
            Pardon my language, but moonshine. Ikiffar edged forward.
            Fatty stirred amidst a deep snore, but he didn’t awake.
            She reached over Fatty and grabbed a pair of horse control things. She leaned back and took a step away.
            One of the straps slipped from her grasp and slapped him in the face.
            She froze.
            Fatty stopped snoring.
            Her breath caught in her throat.
            He shook his head and snorted.
            Panic raced through her veins, and her muscles tensed. If she had only released the Magnus blade, she could have had a firm grip on the horse controls. She stared at Fatty’s exposed throat. It would be so easy. No. Killing those bandits in the alley was already too much blood on her face. She needed to save her ruthlessness for that bastard and his accomplices. The blade shook in her grasp.
            Fatty snorted then turned to the side and resumed snoring.
            She sighed and dismissed her blade. A moment later, her muscles relaxed, and she wobbled back to the horses, putting the control ropes in place.
            One of the horses nuzzled against her side.
            Ikiffar patted it on the nose before climbing into the saddle. She leaned forward and whispered, “I’ll return the two of you after I make that bastard suffer.”
            The horse whinnied as if to say, “That sounds good, but this job will destroy you.”
            “I know.” She urged the horse out of the stable, pulling the other along. Four blocks away, the tension fled from her shoulders. She rubbed at her house’s neck. “We made —”
            Galloping echoed from behind. Six guards road directly for her.
            “Moon—” She snapped her mouth shut, killing the curse before it escaped. Then, she snapped the control ropes, spurring her horse into a run.

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