Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lucidity chapter 31

Chapter 31 (Useless)

            Kkaj shook his head. This can’t be real.
            From behind, Roffor screamed. Click. Had she drawn a pistol?
            He forced himself to stand then slapped himself. “Not real.” His hands trembled, and he looked up to meet the monster’s narrowed eyes.
            The crocobear roared.
            “Get back!” Roffor pulled the trigger. Bang! Her bullet hit the crocobear in the snout, turning its head to the left. “Kkaj!”
            He started. Then he stepped backwards and stumbled over Saffer’s corpse, nearly falling.
            Her lifeless body gripped his heart.
            Tears rolled down his cheeks, and he howled. His blood turned into fire, and it crashed into his brain. Thoughts of Saffer vanished into a sea of hatred. Was this creature at fault? His face turned hot, and he gritted his teeth. “This will not do!” He reached into his Drunkzard vest and pulled out his flask of gin. He took a long drag.
            The crocobear’s maw opened, and hot breath hit Kkaj in the face. Rotten meat and shit. The beast stepped forward.
            “Magic isn’t going to work on it.” Roffor’s voice took on a high-pitch. “Their scales make them immune.”
            “I read the report.” I should try to do this from a distance due to that monster’s claws and armor.  Kkaj released weather energy around his hands and crafted a pair of spark clouds. “These monsters aren’t immune. Just resistant.”
            “That’s basically the same thing.” Roffor pointed her gun at the beast. Bang!
            The sound rattled Kkaj’s mind, but the rage filtered the memories from his thoughts. He hoisted the spark clouds into the air and fed more energy into them.
            The crocobear snapped towards Kkaj, but it got a mouthful of lightning instead. The beast howled.
            “See?” A sneer crossed Kkaj’s face, and he unloaded a wave of electricity into the crocobear.
            One bolt found a home in the crocobear’s left eye. Splat. The beast howled.
            He clenched his fists. “You see? You just have to know where to —”
            A massive claw caught him in the side and sent him flying across the ground. The crocobear followed, standing just above Kkaj. Impossibly fast. The forearm sized teeth gleamed in the firelight.
            “Eat shit!” Kkaj released pure weather energy into the crocobear’s mouth ripped out its tongue.
            It snapped its mouth shut and lifted one of its claws.
            Moonshine. Kkaj clenched his eyes shut.
            Heat baked the side of his face.
            His eyes shot open.
            A massive ball of fire pushed against the crocobear’s side, sliding the beast away from Kkaj.
            Roffor is terribly weak with fire. How much did she drink? Kkaj scrambled to his feet and nodded in appreciation.
            Hooves beat against the hard-packed sand. Did Roffor want to run?
            Kkaj turned.
            Jekor held her hands out towards him. To her left, Kkaj’s second cousin rode with an angry scowl on her face. Why were they here?
            After blinking, Kkaj tilted his head to the left. His mouth worked, but no words formed.
            “Watch out, fool!” Jekor’s voice sprinted off into the night.
            Steamy breath pelted the back of Kkaj’s neck.
            Goose bumps crawled along his arms, and adrenaline filled his muscles. He dove forward as something ripped the shirt from his back. He crashed into the ground then rolled to his back with his flask of rum in his hand.

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