Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lucidity outline and brainstorming process

Today, I'm going to go into more detail about my "preparation" process. As I have said before, I'm more of a Gardner who uses a Skeleton. That being said, I do "outline" a bit using my one-paragraph outline method. I'm going to go into deeper detail with this using my current blog novel (A novel that will probably only get a first draft despite my usual desire to run stories through five drafts) The actual outlines are rough with lots of spelling and grammatical errors as it is rushed.

Those who are are reading LUCIDITY (Formerly the quest for the peaceful liquor) for entertainment should probably not proceed as this will contain spoilers, including the ending. Though, reading this and following along with the story to see how it progresses from the outline should be fun too.

First step in the process of writing this novel was to brainstorm the concept. I usually decide this on my own while walking or going to work and have crazy ideas in my head, envisioning a sample scene, but this one was done after I finished telling a drinking story with  a member of my writing group and discussing the different ways each liquor makes you act.  
When I got home that night, I typed them up and expanded upon them. These are the notes that came out of it. 


Magic powered by types of liquor:

K country is JemKej (Ruled by a king)
B country is RiBer (ruled by a queen)
T country is RaTisr (ruled by a queen)
Z country is JaZmoj (ruled by a king)
F country is RulFer (ruled by a queen)

Whiskey gives the drinker access to the power of metal
-Tataj - Rage possession
-Jozo - Screamer possession
-Xefer -
-Abber -
-Jakk -

Rum gives the drinker access to the power of fire
-Atrir - Greed possession
-Puzer - Cheap, steal anything possession
-Rufie - popular for Bachelor parties, Amnesia possession (won’t remember even their mother’s face while drunk)
-Rabbi -
-Jakka -

Vodka gives the drinker access to the power of earth
-Tetej - Pride possession
-Huzar -
-Ffurronr -  - “Your honor, I’m drinking Ffurronr.”
-Ibij -
-Ankej -

Tequila gives the drinker access to the power of water
-Starr - Envy possession - Inkej rip-off
-Jerizz -
-Rifle -  - empty shell in every bottle (Ice powers? Metal=crystals)
-Barbar -
-Inkej - - black tequila

Gin gives the drinker access to the power of weather
-Tturoar - Lust possession - Extra popular with hookas
-Jizzlock - Nobody really wants to find out...
-Kufurr -  - “Ya drink kufurr, if ya wanna slurr.”
-Jebu -
-Onkej -

Beer gives drinker access to magnetic portions of the power of metal
-Sloth possession

Red wine gives drinker access to fireballs and water shields
-Gluttony possession

White wine gives drinker access to lighting bolts and rock armor
-Gluttony possession

Most magic is uncontrollable thus the dream of going towards the controlled magic of the peaceful liquor.
-Using magic sobers character up until all the alcohol is burned out of the system.

Technology: flintlock fantasy

Travis’s POV: Kkaj. Third son in the family that owns the whiskey and rum distilleries in K-country.
-Vice president of The empty bottle Club/cult.
-Calls the president, “Asswhipen-stein.”
-Calls Rekoj a girl.
-Afraid of loud noises, thus why he doesn’t actually keep his gun loaded.
-Carries supper expensive guns to scare off potential attackers and lots of one-shot filled glasses to control the amount of magic he uses in case he actually as to fight.
-He wants to have the peaceful liquor in order to control the magic and prevent any future wizards from causing another ‘desolation’ like the night after the opening.

Hanne POV: Rekoj: Scholar on a quest to catalogue all attributes and possessions of liquors, especially those of local home-breweries.
-Really is a gentleman, but some people just cannot tell. Sometimes pretends not to be a gentleman if the situation calls for it. No shame in that.
-Scholar at the Mettings Vaken University of Higher Arts
-specializes in cross-drinking different types of liquor to minimize the avoidable effects of being possessed
-usually doesn’t follow the ‘call of the empty bottle’, because drinking for drinkings sake is stupid and nothing can be gained from it, safe for a drunk, possessed mind and a body hungover on both magic and alcohol induced dehydration

Villain (aka Anne): Rafiki: Goes by Rafii and pretends to be a foreigner from the F-country.
-Was the only survivor of the ‘desolation’ and wants revenge on the Empty Bottle Cult and wishes to use the peaceful liquor to have controlled magic that allows her to overthrow the distilleries and their families and remove alcohol from the world.


From there, after letting the idea stew, I wrote the prologue to get a feel for the world 

Then I went and made a chapter by chapter outline using the one-paragraph outline idea. 

After letting the idea stew for a bit as I worked on something else, I read through the chapter outline and used the Brandon Sanderson reverse event style. That is to say, I took the really cool ending I wanted then wrote the event that would lead into that ending then the event that would lead up to that and so on and so forth until I reached the prologue where it started. This is what that looks like from ending to start. (Again, those who don't want to be spoiled should probably not read these, thought as a Gardner, this won't be exactly how it happens) 

Once I had a chance to let that stew for a bit, I read through the old chapter outline, the prologue then the reverse events. Using the events and the prologue as  a starting point, I rewrote the entire chapter outline from scratch. This is what it looks like by chapter


0: Random character- Sees Kkaj and sets of the desolation, showing how things started.

1: Kkaj- digging through the rubble and getting sad from finding nothing but corpses. He is really sad and it goes into camp where the 2 assistants tried cheer him up as they eat dinner.

2: Kkaj- Forth morning in the desolated city and he wakes up with his assistants packing his things. He questions them and they tell him that there is nothing more they can do. Beyond that, they need to hurry to the king and the chairman where they were supposed to be meeting and if they didn't leave then. He argues and delays, but eventually they force him onto his horse, but he rides slow. They try to console him and talk to him about working to prevent such an event ever again. They suggest he keeps his guns loaded rather than keeping them for intimidation/show. He refuses, feeling sad about his cousin and the fear of loud noises. They console him as they ride. They suggest he work on increasing his tolerance again, but he says he's at the highest point he can be at. One of the assistants mentions more guards, and the other discusses the rare peaceful liquor. They discuss the negatives of it, how expensive it is, and how hard it is to get it. This gives him a spark of hope. He can't let another desolation happen again. This gets him excited, so he speeds up and the three race off towards the city. He uses magic to make the horses ride much faster than normal. Mention the wastes have been super dangerous recently and no new shipments of the dangerous Lucidity have made it to any of the major cities.

3: Kkaj- Rushes into the royal palace to the guards chagrin and makes his way to the private tournament ground where some of his new guards were supposed to be holding a tournament for a few foreign dignitaries. The royal stewart keeps trying to talk to him, but he brushes him aside and walks into an empty tournament building. The stewart tells him that the tournament had been moved to the colosseum. He's taken aback as only the larger tournaments are held there. He races across the city, marking a few land marks and can barely stand by the time he walks into the royal press box. The other 4 monarchs are there. He's taken aback and does formal apologizes until the king and chairman Join him in a private room. Kkaj notices the other fighters with each monarch and the battle royal down stairs. He tells them about the desolation and such asking for the map of the peaceful liquor. They argue. Argument ends when Kkaj asks what is going on with the big tournament when the chairman comes between him and the king. King talks about the tournament rules and says Kkaj is to be his champion.

4: Kkaj- he blinks, sure he misheard the king. The chairman steps back and whispers in his ear saying that Kkaj should do it. When he snaps back to reality, he gawks at the king. Are you shitting me, he says and the king knows. He says he retired and wouldn't do it. The king says that when the kings came out, the tournament prize increased and that the king promised he would come out of retirement so the prize got even bigger. The crowd wanted to see the flawless fighter step into the ring again. He refused. Eventually, the king says, I guess you really didn't want to get your hands on the peaceful liquor since it was part of the prize for the victor. Make the king allude that it's for the map but it's only a shot. He agrees and turns to the ring as the last of the battle royals ends.

5: Kkaj- standing in the ring with the other fighters, they play a game or draw straws to determine order. Big conversations with a small matching announcement. They head back to the waiting rooms for the small interlude before the match.

6: Kkaj- Standing across the ring from him opponent and trying not to kill him. Big fight. Scene break, second fight. Tired and watches his opponent fight. Scene break, in the waiting room, waiting for the fight without speaking to the woman. Gets into an argument at the end when she calls him a pussy and the enter the ring and fight. He wins, but reaches his limits. Is carried out and passes out.

7: Kkaj- the next day, he wakes up and is hungover. he discovers the king tricked him and is pissed. Goes to the library and meets the two other characters. Has flirting with the girl before she knows who he is. Shes reading about the empty bottle club. Kkaj gives her some clues about it and she thanks him. They flirt more despite his hangover then his assistants show up and call him by name. The girl, Ikiffar (Iffar she calls herself), starts and is shocked. She is a bit jealous about it, or so Kkaj thought, but she was actually angry wanting to kill Kkaj as she figured out who he was. He searches for info on the peaceful liquor and finds nothing. Gets frustrated and screams. A2 tries to tell him she found something when the librarian who could be either a boy or a girl from her clothes approached Kkaj. He, Rekoj, gets in an argument with Kkaj and they pull weapons after he bitches at her about having no info on the peaceful liquor. He ends up leaving after the 5-way standoff. Frustrated, he wanted to go to the bar to gamble.

8: Rekoj- watches Kkaj leave thinking about the peaceful liquor and wanting to catalog it. She closed the CPR book she had been reading while her mind raced on the idea of the peaceful liquor. She wanted to learn more about the peaceful liquor and speaks with the "foreigner" about it. They have a long discussion and figure that they want to follow Kkaj because they both want the peaceful liquor. One to catalogue, one to find a certain person and make him answer her questions. Foreshadow that Ikiffar is the villain. They prepare their things and head out to find Kkaj.

9: Kkaj- at a bar, gambling and drinking wine, one of the two alcohols someone can drink without being possessed or drawing out magic. He is winning a game when a large group of guards comes into the bar. They recognize him and come over to play with him, the table's other occupants get up and leave. They gamble and he learns that the guards are running about preparing for a ball, they weaseled out of duty due to how busy everyone else was. It's just after dark now. He wins the guards clothes, 2 sets and gets up to leave, a plan in mind.

10: Rekoj- Reading a book about liquor and gets elbowed in the side by Ikiffar as Kkaj comes out of the bar, looking kind of drunk, but not radiating magic. They follow him through the city, nearly losing him several times. A street gang comes out of no where and there is a bit of a gun fight which they knew bring the guards soon, so Rekoj and Ikiffar use magic to end the fight quickly, despite not wanting to risk a hangover or madness while trying to follow Kkaj. They raced to find Kkaj, but only find A1 heading to the market from near the palace. They followed her thinking that Kkaj would be somewhere near.

11: Kkaj- Staring at the gate to the royal palace gates, waiting for the guards to change as they always did. He and A2 sneak inside while A1 gets further away from the palace. Despite him telling A2 to go with A1, she refuses. She keeps trying to tell him something and he ignores her, saying that this is important and he needed to focus. They rush in and he ignores A2 who keeps telling him to go in different directions. They get chased and have to run. Nearly caught by several guards, A2 pulls him into a closet so the guards go past. Show some of A2 loving him here and lectures him as to where to go. She tells him that she found a map of the palace and knows where the map should be kept. They sneak out and rush off towards the actual place.

12: Rekoj- He chases A1 through the market and discusses who she is to Kkaj and how he'd never leave her behind. He had to stop Ikiffar from trying to kidnap her. They watched her buy supplies and decide it would be best if they got some supplies, too. They make plans and talk about stuff while buying supplies to avoid unwanted attention. Eventually, they make it out of town and realize they don't have any horses while A1 is loading a carriage designed for the waste. They freak out because the few supplies they bought wouldn't be enough for the waste. Rekoj says he will run off to get supplies for the waste and things to keep them safe, secret stuff from their master and sends Ikiffar to go get some horses, not knowing she has no money. He bolts into a run.

13: Ikiffar- First chapter we learn her name is Ikiffar rather than Iffar as she had been pretending to be a foreigner. We learn she has no money because she was returning home to visit her family from studying in another country and her family died pushing her into the river to safety. She wars with her emotions for revenge as she works on stealing money for a horse, failing. She cant get much money and has no skill at it. She eventually uses magic to steal two horses and rides back the way where they had left A1. She is relieved until she notices 2 guards on her heels, both glowing with magic.

14: Rekoj- Steps into the library and finds her master, explaining she is going into the waste. They have a big argument, eventually he gives her the waste protective cloaks and blankets. She also gets protective things for the horses and things to keep the water pure as well as her liquor set and back ups. He leaves the library in a rush.

15: Kkaj- Approaches the map and he checks over it, glancing at the security. He turns and kisses A2 because he is so happy and her feelings for him almost come out. She is blushing red and stammering her words. She is so jealous of her sister. Kkaj turns back to the security and begins to dismantle it. He looks at it like one of the distilleries his father runs and thinks it is easy. He gets past all the securities and smiles. Then he reaches in to grab the map and A2 squeals, finding her voice. He grabs the map before she is able to say no and a chiming alarm goes off. He curses and the door begins to close. A2 pulls out a pistol with her quick fast draw and his breath catches. She fires to destroy the lever closing the door. The noise freezes Kkaj's joints and he finds himself unable to move. He's frothing at the mouth and he drops to his knees  in fear. The sound sends him into a flashback of killing his cousin.

16: A2 POV- Possibly keep this as Kkaj or in the same chapter. She takes the map, the hoists him up and drags him from the room. She wishes she had more liquor to use magic but she hadn't resupplied since they came back and she used most of her magic before. Shuffling boots say that guards are coming and she can't drag him fast enough. She starts reaching into his pockets, using it as an excuse to touch him. All but his metal flash is empty. Why hadn't he gotten more liquor since the tournament? He was hungover. She drank it and manipulated one of the suits of armor the king kept in the hallway that they had passed earlier. She wrapped it around him and lifted  it into the air like a stretcher, making him weightless and dragged him down the hallway. Guards are firing shots and what not, but none are using magic. She uses the remainder of her magic to push the bullets away. The noise is still working against Kkaj. Once they escape, Kkaj comes back to his senses, but he is shaky. The sound doesn't seem to be jarring him anymore, but he seems to be having flashbacks of killing his cousin.

17: Kkaj- Discussing fear with A2 as they try to sneak through the city, surprised that there are no other guards around. They make their way to A1 who hugs and kisses Kkaj. A2 seems to be pissed about this, but he doesn't know why. He checks the supplies and refills his liquor flasks. A1 and A2 do the same. They get in their armored carriage and leave the city, riding as hard as they can, discussing the trouble. An explosion from behind makes them move even faster, riding even harder, expecting the guards to finally be after them. A2 drives, so A1 can comfort and love on Kkaj. They use magic to increase their sped, but he warns them that it's going to be a long journey, so they better use more to increase endurance rather than speed and must be careful to not kill the horses.

18: Rekoj- arrives at the meeting point, seeing Kkaj get into the carriage and it pulling away from the city. She has extra flasks of liquor and extra bottles for the trip. She has all her supplies and ways to carry them. She packs the other supplies ready to put what is not in a backpack in saddle bags which she does, just no horses. She is worrying that Ikiffar wasn't able to get the horses or was already ahead of her when she hears a massive explosion and turns to look in its direction. Ikiffar is riding hard, leading a horse. Behind her, guards are riding and running and shooting at her. Ikiffar is fighting them with a bit of magic, but more focused on defending herself atm. Rekoj swallows some liquor despite knowing it would leave her hungover and semi possessed and creates a massive upheaval behind Ikiffar. This gives her a chance to pack the horses and they bolt off after Kkaj, causing more damage to hamper the guards chasing them. They use magic to increase their speed.

19: Rekoj- asking why Ikiffar stole the horses rather than buying them and is shocked about her having no money or way to borrow money or make collateral for the horses. She starts asking questions and Ikiffar clams up, not wanting to speak to him. They are trying to follow Kkaj's erratic pattern, but it helps them lose the guards chasing them. They keep discussing things as the approach the area that Kkaj stopped at and hear horses approaching. It's the guards. They have to get into a fight and Ikiffar kills the guards without mercy. She is ruthless and this scares Rekoj. When they finish and look for Kkaj's camp, he has already packed up and is leaving in a rush. Ikiffar takes a long barreled rifle from one of the guards as well as a scope.

20: Kkaj- Stretching his legs after three weeks of riding hard with the aid of magic, taking an odd path and taking turns as to who is driving. They are ten days into the waste and figure it would be best to not push the animals through the dark this deep into the desolated, monster filled area. They set up a camp and are set upon by a large group of scorpicats who were attracted to the smell of the fire. Most of their supplies are destroyed and they all have to waste a good bit of liquor to destroy the little monsters. Unfortunately, all but two horses are killed, the cart destroyed by the acid of the little creatures and all they are left with is a single waste safety tent. They collect what they can after the vicious attack and begin to cook dinner and rest by the fire.

21: Rekoj- Hears the sound of fighting and pulls up short. He believes Kkaj is close and they finally caught him. They make their way to a raised ridge as his master had suggested he do and set up camp. They start to talk again and Ikiffar gets more and more irritated the more he asks about her. She is constantly using the looking glass. He finds out her true name and asks why shes hiding it. She says shes from the desolated town name and he has to search his memories. She is growling and setting her teeth as she studies the area around Kkaj's camp. As he realizes that her home town was the center of the desolation she goes stiff and grabs the rifle and whiskey flask. He asks her what she's doing and says she see's a damn massive crocabear. The drinks a large amount of whiskey, the glow of possession thick in her eyes, uses the looking glass to set her sites and pulls the trigger. She burns all the magic and shoves the bullet forward with a massive bang. She noticed that A2 was holding the map too.

22: Kkaj- Eating food by the fire, weary from the the fight. Is kissing A1 and having a happy time then a loud crack weakens his knees. He starts to see his cousin's mangled body in his mind and his knees weaken. Something burns past his cheek and a warm sticky liquid covers his face. he sees that A1's face has been blown off and if he wouldn't have weakened up, he would have died there. A massive crater in the ground caused a second explosion behind him. A2 starts crying and Kkaj is feeling terrible. He doesn't know what to do and is freaking out a bit. He starts to get angry, wanting to kill whoever killed A1 and is starting to feel a bit sick at his desire for revenge. As his stomach is twisting a rumbling sound comes bursting into the camp. A massive crocabear burst into he fire light and roars.

23: Ikiffar- Cursing herself for missing Kkaj but happy at the depressed expression on his face. When she spots the crocabear rumbling towards their camp, she freaks out. She needs to get to A2 and get the map. She tells Rekoj that she missed and that they had to rush down to "save" the group, though she only wanted the map and A2, who she would force a confession out of and get every name involved in the empty bottle cult, rather than just Kkaj so that her her revenge would be complete. She also planned to use her to hurt Kkaj more so that he feels weak and when she kills him, he will know what it is like to see the ones he loves die before he dies. They gather their things and rush off down their on their horses and what not.

24: Kkaj- Still holding A1's lifeless body close to his chest, the crocabear stomps towards him. Even the loud shots being fired by A2 sound like a distant ring. They clink off the crocabear's armored scales. It snaps up one of the horses in one massive bite. A2 reloads her guns and raises them to fire. She gets slapped to the side with a massive green scaled paw. The crocabear rumbles towards Kkaj and he's still frozen in grief. A massive fire ball slams into the monster's side and sends it reeling. Kkaj blinks and his mind starts to return as he sees Rekoj and Ikiffar ride into their camp.

25: Rekoj- leaps off his horse and drinks rum until his eyes ache and his mind reels from the possession. He is starting to lose      control and throws as much force against the crocabear as possible. He is fighting it off and calls to Ikiffar and Kkaj for help. Kkaj is holding the corpse of A1 still and he blinks. Then he remembers the show and his eyes go wide in realization. As he is turning to Ikiffar, he sees her grab A2, a good bit of their supplies and ride off in the direction they had been headed. The crocabear swats at Rekoj and throws him into Kkaj. They tumble to the ground and the crocabear scoops up A1's body and eats it. Kkaj is sent into a rage and begins blasting the crocabear to no end. This was why no one went into the waste. Eventually, Rekoj pulls Kkaj away and says they need to run. He also tells Kkaj that Ikiffar kidnapped A2 and Kkaj goes pale. They use magic to trap the crocabear for a while and get on the last 2 horses and ride off after Ikiffar.

26: Kkaj- As they see Ikiffar in the distance, riding towards them with speed Rekoj apologizes for A1's death and not knowing what Ikiffar was doing. Kkaj is growling and angry and their voices are loud along with the hoofbeats of the horses. He starts to bitch at her and is asking that little girl would do it. Rekoj tells Kkaj that she was the lone survivor of the desolation that news had reached the city about a few days back. His heart pounded in his chest and he wars with himself over taking revenge on the girl or letting her kill him. He decides that he'll trade his life for A2's life and that A1's death would be fitting. During his contemplation, he didn't even notice the stomping sounds from behind or that he had slowed. He glanced back to see the crocabear closing in and he moves to speed up when two more crocabears close in on them like velociraptors. He curses.

27: Ikiffar- Holding A2 with magic and threatening her, Ikiffar learns the truth of the desolation as well as the king and other monarch's involvement with the empty bottle cult. She learns that it was Kkaj who spoke out against the current format, but was forced to go through with it. How he tried so hard to stop the desolation from happening and failed. How he searched the rubble for days. Why he wanted a large supply of Lucidity despite its side effects. She feels regret for what she did to A1 and her revenge is changed. She will destroy the monarchy of all five countries.

28: Kkaj- Using a ton of magic to fight their way back. They move towards a cave they see and hope there are no more crocabears inside. They fight and fight and sacrifice the horses to make their way into the cave. They sent the horses in one direction and they ran in the other. The horses are trampled upon by the two new crocabears while the super large one follows them to the cave. It can't get inside, but the smaller ones could and they're low on liquor, getting close to their limits. The large one howls, clearly calling for the smaller ones to return. So, he and Rekoj rush deeper into the cave. As the sounds of the smaller ones are approaching, they also hear the sounds of running water. They rush to he underground river as the crocabears are closing in on them. They dive in and it sweeps them under. The crocabears follow into the water, but a small underground entrance sweeps them under that is too small for the smaller crocabears.

29: Rekoj- pulls Kkaj out of the river and hears Ikiffar shouting at someone. He does CPR on Kkaj and they sneak towards Ikiffar's voice since they are nearly out of liquor and all her gunpowder is ruined. Maybe no liquor at all. He still feels guilty for A1's death. They see her standing over a vat, arguing with an old man. A2 sat their, bound in magic with a blank look on her face. The old man argued with her about payment for the peaceful liquor, so she kills him and the group of workers there as she says that they are the people helping to support the evil monarchs. Kkaj rushes in and steps between A2 and Ikiffar and pleads to leave A2 alone and take his life instead. Ikiffar brushes her finger across his cheek, kisses him on the forehead and says she forgives him. Rekoj is trying to decide what to do as she grabs a small flask of peaceful liquor to document it when Ikiffar grabs several bottles of the peaceful liquor and starts to down it. Once she is fully powered, she destroys the rest and says that the three of them should get out of the cave before it collapses. She leaves, saying that she hoped that everyone would make it back. Kkaj shakes his head as rocks start falling, looking to be in shock. Rekoj frees A2 and him and A2 drag Kkaj out of the destroyed distillery. They see Ikiffar manipulate the peaceful liquor to help her fly and she flys towards the city.

30: Kkaj- Shaking his head as he hears A2 say that she thinks that Ikiffar is going to kill the monarchs. The civil war and stings of death that would happen if all the monarchs were to die would destroy the entire world. He curses himself and glances at the two horses. With the three of them, it would take forever to get back, even if they used magic to push the horses beyond their limits. While flying, Ikiffar would beat them to he city by several days. A2 pulls out her remaining liquor, enough to push them back to the city at a reckless pace that would kill the horses. It still wouldn't be enough and with three, one of the horses would die before they made it half way like that. Rekoj sighs and hands him the flask of peaceful liquor. He's shocked that Rekoj had it. Kkaj says that the two of them should get to the city as fast as possible, but try not to kill the horses. They nod and he drinks the peaceful liquor, physically aging as the magic runs through his body. He flys off after Ikiffar.

31: Rekoj- nearly crying at losing his ability to test the peaceful liquor, but would rather see the world survive. They get on the horses, drink until they are fully possessed and ride with reckless abandon, blowing past a crocabear and other animals. They make great time and keep Kkaj in their sights until near the edge of the wastes.

32: Kkaj- Flies past the four distilleries that were destroyed and rushed into the only one that hasn't been. The one owned by his father. He grabs all his spare liquors of a verity and he rushes to the heart. He finds Ikiffar who is a grown woman now and implores her to stop. She says it is too late to go back. Those truly responsible must pay. He tells her to take his life instead. She says no, that if the monarchs are allowed to continue, that it will only happen again. She talks about the history and how this desolation wasn't the first and it wasn't restricted only to this country. She starts to destroy stuff and he says that he will have to stop her. She flys into the air, preparing to destroy the facility as a whole. She says, I can't let you do that. Massive explosion.

33: Rekoj- Reaching the city as the horses are pushed to their limits. They are about to die, but he doesn't care. The guards come rushing towards them as they enter the city and there is a big argument. His face is remembered as part of the horse thief group and they want to arrest him. A2 tells them they can't and that they all need to go to the palace as soon as possible or every monarch is going to die. Once they convince them, they all go rushing off towards the palace.

34: Kkaj- Using the last of his peaceful liquor magic, he bursts from the explosion, unharmed and increases his speed to make it to the palace. He see's Ikiffar get there first, but knowing the palace to be constructed with magic, he knew she couldn't just destroy it. He also knew where the monarchs would probably be staying so he could get to them first. He races to them and bursts into the conference. They all bitch at him and order their guards to capture him. He tells them they need to get out of there and escape. The guards are killed as Ikiffar shows up and the monarchs freak out. Kkaj steps between the kings and Ikiffar and says, no, you must not do this. I will fight you if I have to, despite my feelings. He drains all five liquors and allows the spirits to fight over his body.

35: Ikiffar- Drinks for peaceful liquor and moves towards the monarchs. The possessed Kkaj speaks to here as if he had five different voices. His every other sentence sounded as if it were a different person speaking. He had allowed five spirits to take his body. This would probably burn him out and if not kill him, she knew it would probably take his ability to use liquor away. He fights with her. Big fight where he is beating her down, but he doesn't ever move in to try and kill her. He seems to have some control over the spirits despite the full possession. He restrains her and uses his magic to subdue her. As he is telling her to give up and just leave the country, his king congratulates him and steps around the corner with a gun. He points it at her and fires.

36: Kkaj- The gunshot rings through the room. He begins to freeze up and fall into his memory but sees the fear on Ikiffar's older, yet still youthful, innocent face. He overcomes his fear and leaps in front of the bullet, having his chest blown through and releasing the last of his magic to kill the king. He looks up at Ikiffar and smiles. He says, he was a dick anyway and has a son who will be a better ruler. That His death and the king's death should satisfy her revenge and to please not do anymore or else she would destroy the world. She would also have to roam the countries with A2 to oversee the future empty bottle cults events and add extra security to them and watch over them. She would be the shield that he wanted to be. She would protect the world from any other desolation. Ikiffar agrees to his dying wish.

37: A2- She sees Kkaj getting shot and killing the king as he hits the ground. She races across the room as he is talking to Ikiffar. She kneels beside him, crying, confessing her feelings for him. He tells her that he loved her, too, but that is why he never tried to have a relationship with her because every relationship he ever had, he made the women in his life hate him. They have their loving moment. Ikiffar is trembling as she looks between Kkaj and the dead king. Rekoj races across the room and after checking on Ikiffar, he looks back at Kkaj. He says he is sorry for what it's worth, but then he looks at the empty bottles of peaceful liquor. He sighs. I guess it's too much to ask for that you have any peaceful liquor left, Ikiffar. She shakes her head and tears roll down his eyes. Kkaj laughs and pulls a shot from his pocket. He hands it to Rekoj and grins. I still had a bit left. As soon as Rekoj takes it, his joy is crushed as the life drains from Kkaj's eyes. A2 screams.

The end.


After I made the chapter outline, I make a file for each chapter on my Ipod touch (using the free documents ap) and add the chapter description to each chapter. I also put part of the next chapter's description in it so I can see where the chapter will lead up to. 

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You can find the prologue here to begin following along.

The first chapter was getting a bit grim, so I trimmed it down. 

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