Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Alright. Here we are with my first novel, Krexen-Fed. It is an epic fantasy set in a world where using contractions draws the eyes of an evil god and everyone has the ability to absolutely control one emotion. When the main character uses his ability to control more than one emotion to return magic to the world, he accidentally sets the evil god free to set fire to the land.

This novel is well before my 1-million words, thus the prose aren't as crisp as my more recent works which are. So, please feel free to read the story for free:

Krexen-Fed PDF

I'm also working on my formatting for the various indie-publishing methods, so if you'd like to support me by buying a .99 cent copy of the book and letting me know how the formatting looks on different devices, as well as any feedback, that would be wonderful.

Amazon Kindle .99 cents

Amazon Create Space 15 dollars

Lulu 13 dollars

Smashwords 99 cents

Kobo (Well, no current Kobo direct publish because their website auto directs me to Rakuten Kobo, the Japanese affiliate and it doesn't allow the uploading as far as I can tell) 

Bookbaby 10 dollars (Epub format giving me issues)

Nook press  .99 cents (waiting on review)

Completely novel 2 dollars

            In a world where everyone has the ability to absolutely control one emotion, Prince Tarsin of Erindor can control all eight.  He is a womanizing fool who strives to be useful without personal cost to himself and accidentally rediscovers magic.  His best friend and personal guard, Ferkik rescues Tarsin after the prince's eye is ripped out for sleeping with Princess Serden, of Denza. 
            Once Investigator Renat discovers that it was her lover, Ferkik who started the fires engulfing the northern half of Denza, she races off to warn the king.  The king promptly declares war on Erindor and demands that Renat bring Tarsin and Ferkik back to Denza in chains. 
            Tarsin escapes from Renat and reaches the battlefield where he strives to end the conflict but keeps coming up short.  Several betrayals lead Tarsin to use magic, in order to suppress the fighting.  In doing so, he unknowingly shatters the seal that had prevented God from touching the world and frees God's wicked servants. 
            Now, Tarsin, Renat and Ferkik must work together to find God's Prison before her servants do.  The fate of the world rests in the hands of a selfish prince who must overcome himself in order to be a hero and a hateful investigator who must learn to love those around her unconditionally.  Can they do it?  Or will this evil God escape her prison and once again rule over the world? 

I hope you enjoyed the story.

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