Thursday, February 18, 2016

By your powers combined chapter 23

Only one or two more of these cinematic POVs left in this section. They kind of throw my momentum off, plus everything else that's going on this week.

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Chapter 23 (Stupidity)

            Aisa groaned as she plopped into the towering bed of the Yus-Market Inn, smiling. The bed was so soft, and when she rolled onto her side, it gave her a nice view out the window.
            Behind her in the six-person suite room, Iomat was still unconscious, and together, Rokki and Tesol lifted her up of the rock-forged stretcher and placed her on the bed beside Aisa.
            Regime Hunters roamed the streets just outside their window, but none of them seems to have noticed Aisa or her group. A sign on the lamppost across the street said why there were so many Regime Hunters in the streets and why there were so many guards to go along with the thick crowds: preliminary rounds for the Gladiatorium were being held in Jutzoran this year.
            “Good thing Tima and his group won’t be passing through this city,” Aisa said. “I would hate to see—”
            Tima, or at least someone who looked like him, strode down the street with someone who appeared to be Yalrein then disappeared into the crowd.
            Aisa rolled over onto her back and sat bolt upright. “Impossible.”
            “What?” Rokki asked.
            “By the One, Tima is here. In this city. And the others aren’t with him.”
            “That’s not good.”
            “And the mayor was only slightly crazy.”
            Rokki blinked. “Slightly? He released some monster and blew up the village.”
            “I was trying to match your understatement.” Aisa climbed down from the bed and stomped over to the door, grabbing her bracer and a piece of bread before stepping out into the hallway on the third floor of the inn. .
            Rokki stumbled out the door behind her, belting on a pair of daggers and checking his ring. He panted, and like her, his clothes were grimy and disheveled from their long rolling hike. But unlike her, dark bags decorated his eyes from constantly molding the tunnel and helping with the burden of travel. “You shouldn’t go alone.”
            “With this many guards and Regime Hunters about, I doubt anyone will give me trouble.” She started down the stairs.
            “They’re the ones I’m worrying about.”
            “With that secret weapon, I doubt our descriptions were sent ahead. At worst, they will be looking for someone coming from that direction. Like Tima. Which is why we have to get him out of here before fingers start pointing in his direction.”
            “I hope you’re right.”
            “I always am.” Aisa grinned back at him before hurrying out into the sunlight, Rokki on her heels like a jealous older brother.

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