Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nano Ideas for people on the fence

So, I'm talking to someone who just decided to do Nano. They were worried about a story idea.

A random method. (this was thrown together in haste, so pardon the spelling and grammar errors)

I told them to close their eyes, move over to the left or right a little bit and grab 5 things close at hand.

For an example, I did this and got:
-Unopened black ink cartridge.
-card wallet
-Idevice cable
-bottle of mugicha (barely tea)
-a back scratchier

I told them that these would be key items in the story.

Then, I told them to use a random word generator like: http://www.wordgenerator.net/random-word-generator.php to get five different words that would either be key things in the story, key events or key characteristics of the character.

For an example, these were my five words:
-Palla (clothing worn by Roman ladies)

Then, I told them to just throw the story together with whatever ideas they could come up with with a genre they liked writing. Since I'm always doing fantasy/urban fantasy, that's what I went with, and this is the story idea that came from those 10 things.

to make it funny, it'll be a male character in a Palla at a crossdressing party to raise money for the LGBT despite only being an alley as the scene opens.

He's drinking Mugicha which has some sort of anti drug agent in it as an Arc splits the air and knocks everyone but him out.

Being an active character, he fends off the invaders of unknown origin until the cops come. As the cops storm in, he is left alone — the words "where is the powersource" the last thing he remembers as he notices that everyone else, including his girlfriend and best friend who he was there to support, are missing. In their place, he finds a backscratcher, a card wallet full of random cards to local businesses and an unopened ink cartridge.

The cops take him in for questioning, but prepare to send him to the crazy house as he tells the story, so he slips into heavy slang use and just pretends that he's drunk.

He begins visiting each and every place the cards have until his phone starts to die, so he buys an Idevice charger. But for some reason, it doesn't work.

At one point, he finds his way to a business he had never heard of before and it turns out to be locked. But the key hole is kind of odd.

He leaves, goes around town and fails. Starts to give up as something itches his back. He pulls out the back scratcher, which doesn't open for him, and it reminds him of that weird key hole. So, he returns to the bay and uses the back scratcher to open the door. As he walks in, a strange arc appears where the door had been and suddenly the room he was standing in Imbays and there are hundreds of ships in front of him.

He notices several people, bound and gagged, being pushed onto the ship by large creatures who resembled the ones who had attacked him earlier.

After pulling out his cellphone, he finds it completely dead and has to stifle a slang filled curse. Then, he forces himself to take action since he's an active kind of guy and uses the broken Idevice cable as a garote to attack a creature, steal its clothes and get onto the ship.

After making it to his friends, he has the big choice. Get out of here with just my friends, or try to save everyone. He gives his friends the back scratcher and sends them to the door with directions and a few pairs of clothes. On his own, he frees everyone, telling them to wait until they hear the signal.

Some take action as soon as he is outside of earshot and he finds himself between a door and a wall of creatures. Rushing deeper into the boat he had been in, he finds himself trapped in a room with a large computer. It looks like the ships controls, but different some how. Trying everything, he couldn't get it to work. Without anything left to do, he pulls out the ink cartridge, opens it up and shoves it into the machine. Turns out, it was a bomb. And as the creatures enter the room, it goes off, throwing him through the side of the ship as it rips the creatures to shreds.

In the end, he wakes up on a beach, missing his right arm and left foot with a strange, almost human creature standing over him. She says, "Are you supposed to be my new pet?" The end.

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