Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Disease of Power

This is my second novel, The Disease of Power. Like Krexen-Fed, it's also an epic fantasy. In a world where only children can catch a disease that gives them magic, massive behemoths roam the surface and force everyone to live in tight communities either behind massive walls or underground. Unfortunately for the children, the disease also comes with a sentient life force that vies to take over their body by corrupting the children with one of the seven vices. Thus, anyone with this disease is treated like a second-class citizen.

This novel was what pushed me over the one-million word mark, but its prose are still lacking. I also learned a lot about switching POVs in this novel as well as why I shouldn't switch too quickly and too early. That being said, I really like this story and the characters in it. The MRUs are also still a bit sloppy here because I was just learning how to use them in my last draft of this novel. Please feel free to read it for free:

Massive behemoths force people to live in tight, walled communities or underground mining towns while a disease infects any youth exposed to it. Though, this disease doesn’t make the host sick. Instead, it removes their humanity by giving them superhuman powers at the cost of their virtues. Despite being the only real way to fight against the behemoths, they are treated as second class citizens and ostracized from society.

In one of the underground mining towns, Aigar, his siblings and his friends find themselves infected by this disease and are disowned by their friends and family. While preparing to leave, his power awakens, and the call of Greed possesses him. Unconsciously using his power, he crushes the mining town for taking from him what he most treasured at the time. For stealing from his now greedy nature.

His friends and siblings resent him. The long trek to safety and the capital city of Zastance are full of dangerous things, least of which behemoths. Can his group overcome the resentment and racism from the uninfected? Or will their newfound powers only dig them deeper into a hole? If Aigar can overcome Greed, he will become the savior of this world. But Greed has a secret weapon. Aigar has always dreamed of becoming the martial arts world champion. Will this desire break him? Or will he prove strong enough to lose?

The Disease of Power PDF

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