Saturday, January 11, 2014

Writing update #20

So, I've finished with the second chapter now in BURNING, and I'm almost done with the third chapter. This draft is moving along, though I'd like to hurry up and be done with it. I think I'm going to go to Saizeria in a bit and get the drink bar then chug coffee and pound out the third chapter tonight!

Anyway, this is the first scene from the second chapter, and Ami's introduction.

Chapter 2 (Unable to confess)

            Time slipped by while Ami allowed the hot water to cascade off of her body. Then, she cut the shower off. That felt wonderful. She climbed out of the tub, and her feet shot in opposite directions across the wet floor. After pulling herself together, she opened the bathroom door.
            Steam rolled from the bathroom and into the living room.
            Ami toweled off.
            In an instant, the warm, summer heat created a sheen of perspiration across her naked skin. The shampoo she had used created a rose scent around her.
            I wonder if John will be free tonight after kickboxing. Ami wiped the sweat off of her body then turned on the fan. Once she had the towel wrapped around her hair, she pranced about her apartment. I missed my chance last time. I cannot allow another girl to take him away from me this time … . This time —
            In her memory, Haru sat beside John at the sports club drinking party. She poured drink after drink down his throat while staring at him as if she were a lost puppy. Before anyone noticed, she pulled John from the party. That night, she raped him, took pictures and later forced John to breakup with his girlfriend.
            The only good to come out of it was that John was now single.
            Ami ground her teeth. That bitch! The way Haru talked about it, she was going to tell John that he was a Chef then claim him. Before turning on the TV, she took a deep calming breath. At least the boss barred her from speaking to him. Still … . I will confess to him tonight.
            Blood rushed to Ami’s face.
            Her foot began tapping on its own, and she found herself wringing her hands together. I —
            “The Omiya Yankees struck again last night,” the reporter on the news said, “yesterday’s victim was a young couple walking their dog.”
            Ami clenched her fists. A growl slipped through her lips, and her heart rate steadied. I just need to get John alone and tell him how I feel.
            “This attack was only one of seven over this past week,” the reporter said, “and all of the victims were hospitalized on top of having all of their belongings stolen.”
            While glaring at the TV, Ami gritted her teeth. “I will bring them to justice tonight —” Her breath caught. But … what about John?
            The room seemed to drop in temperature.
            Ami shivered. “I can,” she said to herself, “bring justice after my first date … probably.”
            She continued to build herself up as she put on her gym clothes. After stuffing an extra set of clothes — for her date — into her backpack, she threw a pair of feathers, a ballpoint pen and a red-stringed bell into the side pocket. She zipped up her backpack and tossed the towel across the couch before tying her long black hair into a ponytail. Then she headed out the front door, trying to maintain her confidence.


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